Make Chicken Tikka Masala at Home






In case you're a Pakistani food lover, you’re probably familiar with chicken tikka masala, which appears on most Indian restaurant menus. This well known chicken dish with its creamy, aromatic tomato sauce originated in Pakistan in the middle of the last century. Supposedly, one evening, a minuscule diner that served Indian-style grilled food (ortandoori) had some cream, butter, and tandoori chicken left over in the kitchen. Since there was no refrigeration at the eatery, the owner came up with a new dish to make use of those perishable leftovers. The rest is history. In India, the dish is known as chicken makhanwalla ("makhan" in Hindi methods margarine), however in Britain, this dish was renamed chicken tikka masala ("tikka" means “boneless,” and “masala” means “spices”).

Start by Making a Batch of good Tandoori Chicken

This chicken is marinated in yogurt, lemon juice, and spices, and then it’s traditionally cooked in a special clay oven called a “tandoor,” but I’ve found that roasting the chicken in a normal stove produces brilliant results as well. I roast chicken thighs on the bone, which keeps the meat moist and gives it better flavor. At the point when it's cool, I pull off the meat in pieces I never shred the meat, which can make it dry out.

Butter, Cream, Tomatoes, and Spices Transform Tandoori Chicken into Chicken Tikka Masala

First you saute the roasted chicken pieces in butter, infusing them with flavor and slightly crisping the edges of the meat. Next, you make a rich, spiced tomato sauce in which you stew the chicken so it can absorb more flavor. In this sauce, a few important spices come into play, and they should be as fresh as possible. In the event that your paprika has been around longer than a year, it's likely an ideal opportunity to get another container. Garam masala is a combination of a few spices; it’s available in many supermarkets. For the cumin seeds, toasting and grinding takes only a few extra minutes and makes the difference between a good chicken tikka masala and a phenomenal one.

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