Keep Coronavirus at Bay- everything from the diet to immunity boosters. Here are some do's and dont's.






Amid the hustle and bustle of life, when it all seemed better for once, we entered the year 2020 and have been praying to get over this crisis already. Isn’t it? Coronavirus or Covid -19 has proved a pandemic that continues to horrify us while we hope for a mutable scenario and to date 8.91 million cases have been confirmed in the country. Neither a vaccine nor any medicine have been discovered to cure this life taking virus, all that we can do is take a step ahead by being aware, practicing precautions and taking the utmost care of ourselves and our near and dear ones.


Our body is deemed to be a temple where every organ and system proves to be crucial in one way or the other. And one such system is our immune system which plays a dominant role by acting as a defense mechanism which actually detects the diseases/pathogens that it fights and further distinguishes them from targeted organs or tissues. It goes without saying that our immune system needs to be sustained and kick-started in the right way as it can really help us fight this deadly virus to an extent and here, we shall talk about some ways to naturally boost the same:


1.      Practice exercise: While exercise has innumerable benefits for all age types since ever, one of all of them is that it does stimulate an immune response in the body as the blood flow then increases as your muscles contract through a 20-minute exercise batch which results in circulation and flow of immune cells at a much higher rate, minimizing the risk of heart diseases, obesity, depression, etc. So, it’s crucial to keep a check on your exercising schedule on daily basis for your well-being.

2.      Get adequate sleep: Well, somewhere inside our heads, we have been complaining of lack of time and peace in life before to enjoy sound sleep and when we do have a lot of it, we are binge watching- aren’t we? According to studies, while sleeping our body both produces and releases a type of protein known to be cytokines which results creating an efficient immune system for us keeping us at bay from all the lethal viruses out there.

3.      Balanced diet: “You are what you eat”, they say and it is a literal statement as our body functions according to what is being fed to the organs. Thus, in order to serve our immune system, the right way one must intake Vitamin C, A, E, and D as they prove to be the most effective fuels for the immune system to function. Food and liquids consisting of Iron, Selenium, Folic acids, and zinc must also be on your diet chart for best results.

4.      Hydrate the right way: One of the best ways to forestall the germs and pathogens that are to harm you is to treat your body the right way by drinking water as it cleanses, hydrates, and banishes toxins and fatal bacteria and viruses the natural way. Keeping your body hydrated keeps your blood flow, stress level, and internal strength in check. Thus, don’t forget to must drink 2 liters of water a day.

5.      Say bye to stress: While the the situation is indeed back-breaking, it is essential to not forget to smile, keep working, laughing hard, playing, and exploring your hidden talents. Happiness is one medicine you can take and give it to the people around you anytime and anyway. It builds your immune system by releasing four primary chemicals in our body and brain names Dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins resulting in strengthening your natural resistance capacity in the body.

While it is very important to practice all the basic precautions to put off Coronavirus or Covid-19. Do have check on the above so as to treat your body and immune system the right way to help you fight through this pandemic.

What should be ticked on the checklist:

1.      Yogurt: It promotes formation of good bacteria in the body which is usually taken away because of continuous (and an essential) use of sanitizer through the day which could be a major shield to protect one self from the virus.

2.      Turmeric: Curcumin, is one of major element which is known to be present in turmeric and is proved to be potent in aiding or healing wounds and infections of all kinds, in the body.

3.      Zinc: Zinc is one another element that is known to promote immunity and helps in better functioning of metabolism in the body.

4.      Vitamin A, C and E: Intaking food rich with these vitamins can be a boon for your body and immune system and it is said that Vitamin C is indeed injected in the body (vein) of those infected with Coronavirus.

5.      Cinnamon: As per findings of many researches, it is now proved that while cinnamon lowers down the blood pressure to a great extent and now does protect the body with viral infections.

6.      Garlic: Compound named Allicin if is taken on a regular basis, is meant to fight viruses and boosts immunity. Add it to your meal and you’ll see the magic.


Mushrooms, Liquorice root and fruit juices must also be on your list so that you can protect yourself and your family from this deadly disease for good.


What should be off the list now on:

1.      Salt: As per research, the excess use and amount of salt in your diet can aggravate the inflammation in the blood vessels of your body. And as suggested by the WHO (5 grams of salt) is more than enough to be consumed on a daily basis.

2.      Sugar: Not providing any nutritional value in the meal, processed sugar increases the secretion of an element called cytokines in the body which causes major inflammation.

3.      Fat: Fats are known to be another element responsible for increases inflammation in the body and can be really deadly for the ones who are prone to the virus.

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