If you want a glowing skin, only eat sweet on Sundays






Skin beauty matters the most when it comes to beauty. But nowadays due to changes in diet and lifestyle, stains, pimples, dark circles, wrinkles have become a common problem. Leading dermatologist Karen Fisher has shared some secret prescriptions for skin beauty based on her twenty years of medical experience.

He said that for sweet, keep only the day of Sunday. On this day you can give yourself sweet treats.

Fisher, 47, has written seven skin health books so far. He says that the first condition for this is to cut down on the intake of sweet. This recipe can prove to be effective if you want soft and attractive skin like children.

Fisher says that in this experience of 20 years, I have not only seen the problems of skin beauty in this experience, but have also tested beauty.

Looks at the skin, which is being given to your body. It is important to have a healthy stomach for glowing skin. It is important to take care of liver health, intake of chemical-free diet, stress-free life.

Fisher says sweet is not good for both your health and beauty. It damages your skin through a process called glycone. In this, excess sugar in the blood produces harmful free radicals, which directly affect collagen and elastin.

Wrinkles start coming. Eat some other healthy options like brokli or sweet. For eating sweet, keep only the day of Sunday.

A diet should have the same effect on every part of the body, not necessarily. If you want glowing skin, then avoid the consumption of friend superfoods.This is because many of those foods contain high amounts of chemicals called histamine and salicylates.

There should be no lack of water to maintain the glow of the skin. For this, in addition to water, take juice and raspberry fruits. Researchers suggest drinking three liters of water daily for skin health.

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