Food- The God of Quarantine






Food and Quarantine. A combo cannot be resisted from the dawn of the lockdown. The taste of a simple regular curry at home get spiced up not just by some extra ingredients but with love and laughter from the entire family. The kitchen that encounters mostly the women from the household , now collectively gets nutured by the men and children. The unused cake mould, that hardly could find its place in the oven the entire year is now the enthroned king as the little girl demaned to bake with her parents. 

                               Those basic authentic curry and rice is getting twisted by the elder sister every day. She blends in schezwan with Indian lentils or may be Mexican and Sambar. Such combos where half of them are mouth-bursting flavours and half of them are sadly disappointing. However, the exciting part is the rest of the family membere hardly expresses the "undercooked" or "overbaked" issues. 

The monotonous routine of life had swept away the bond of togetherness, the umbrella of "family" was lost. Food is not only a way of recreating other dishes or show casing hidden talents. This was a connective wire that supplied the warmth and joy which was barely present over the years. 

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