Benefits Of Reusing Coffee Capsules






The capsules that contain coffee are made of aluminum, so recycling must be carried out in places destined for this type of material. The brands that market this type of product have their own collection points, both in containers on the street and in their own establishments. This is the case of Nespresso, which has more than 100,000 capsule collection points around the world.

The benefits are mainly related to respect and care for the environment. However, the reuse of these capsules can also offer us many other advantages on a personal level.

For example,Coffee capsules can be reused in many different ways.We can use the capsules that we have already used to make decorations or crafts.Surely you had never imagined that they could be used for this, but the truth is that you only need a little imagination.To help you get inspired, we offer you 8 examples of crafts you can make with coffee capsules.



The coffee pods are small and can be easily shaped. In addition, they can be joined in different ways to create different shapes, and there are many colors (or they can be painted as we want). This makes them a perfect element to create our own brooches. We can make numerous designs, such as flowers or geometric shapes, whatever we like the most.


The shape and size of the coffee pods also make them ideal to serve as salt shakers, or as containers for other types of spices. We can modify the opening to filter more or less, to adapt them to the use of one or other spices. Of course, we can also paint them to our liking to differentiate them by color, or even write the name on the capsule itself.


The accessories such as brooches, bracelets or can be made with almost anything we imagine: rings soda cans, coins, bottle caps and countless examples. Of course, we can also use coffee capsules. You can experiment with different types of pendants or different colors.


This has surely occurred to someone before because coffee pods are perfect to use as thimbles. Obviously, they do not offer the resistance of a metal or hard plastic thimble, but there is also the option of reinforcing them inside. In this way, we can have a very nice collection of thimbles without it having cost us a penny.


There are also a large number of everyday objects that we will no longer use that can be used to make pots for plants. You can use bottles, cardboard boxes, or even light bulbs. In that case, coffee pods are ideal for making small pots, intended to house one or two small flowers. With many of these small pots, we can make a very, very beautiful miniature garden.


You can also use different colored coffee capsules to make your own pictures or relief drawings. You can simply stick the coffee pods on some kind of canvas that offers enough strength. You can make the design you prefer, for example, write a date, or draw a heart with red capsules. And if you liked the result a lot, you can even put a frame to make it look much better.


Another accessory for which coffee capsules can be used. Again, you can opt for the simplest, which is to hang a coffee capsule from your keys, or you can opt for something more complicated, such as painting the capsules to your liking or even improvising more original designs.


As you can see in the text, the coffee capsules can also be combined with another element to give rise to a third object that has nothing to do with the previous ones. In this case, the coffee capsules are used together with a vinyl record to create the most original clock. This is just one of the options, but you could design the structure of the watch yourself to your liking, using another type of element, for example, a car hubcap that is not used.


Similar to the previous example, but more suitable for the enjoyment of artists. You could use the coffee pods to improvise a kind of paint palette. Or you could use them as containers to help you blend the watercolors. In any case, if you like to paint, you can put the coffee capsules you have already used to use.


Finally, you can also use the coffee capsules to make a bookmark. As with most examples above, the layout is up to you. You just have to attach the coffee capsule to a flat and elongated object (an ice cream stick would do). You can use an undecorated coffee capsule, or paint it however you want, for example, draw a face, or make an animal ... you could even put other accessories such as a wig or mustache!

These are some of the crafts that can be made with coffee capsules, although there are many more things you can do to reuse this element. If you stop to think a little, surely you can also think of many more crafts to do, as interesting as these or even more.

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