Eat to lose weight






Eat to lose weight

           Eat to lose weight...😀 sounds weird!!

From childhood i used to hear from my relatives,neighbours and classmates that "kam khao nhi to aur moti ho jaogi"(eat less unless you will gain more weight).

        Many criticised,bullied,teased...

This led me to dieting,excess workout, low self esteem,depression.

    But good thing is i came out of that dieting loop...and i realised that Food is life...

       If you don't eat then what is the purpose of life.

Everyday we need  essential micronutrients which we get from food.

But nowadays with so many dieting trends people tend to lack in mincronutrients.

Dieting affects health adversely

If you diet ,it results in

1.sugar cravings

2. Hairfall


Eat to eat and not for dieting

           Eating food is act of providing self love,care,nurture, is most valuable thing which god has given to  us .food is a blessing.

Eat without feeling guilty but the express gratitude.

Think and act

Ask yourself that "why i want to lose weight??"

Does it gives you


2.Approval from someone


If these are your answers then you should not do it as this would be a never ending loop.

And if the answer is:- i want lose weight because i want to be fit .

Then go for it with healthy weight loss ...

How to actually lose weight healthily

1.Eat in right proportions slowly and mindfully

3.Eat only if you are hungry

4.avoid late nights

5.Exercise  regularly

6. Stay  hydrated

7.Eat Regional and seasonal food

   Enjoy your journey ....Be happy and healthy😊


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