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                                                                                          CoBrew CAFE (GHAZIABAD)

Somewhere between meals, when you’re wondering where to eat, just head to this adorable cafe for a quick bite and a pick-me-up. You could start off your day with a delicious breakfast (that works wonders for both the hungry, and the hangover), take a beat between all the sightseeing and sit down for a cup of coffee over the conversation, or just grab a quick bite in a hurry—this cafe is the best of its kind in the city, and warrant a visit for its menu and ambiance. 

The CoBrew cafe is legendary, but most people are not aware of the city’s thriving café. The cafe is lovely and offers the perfect thaw from the cold outside. Grab a quick cuppa on your out in the morning, curl up with a book if you have some time to spare, or peruse through the menu and pair your coffee with a delicious side of toast—you can spend anything from a few minutes to a couple of hours enjoying the cozy ambiance.


Paneer Chilli is my favorite Indo-Chinese dish as I love paneer. I often used to order this dish from a nearby Chinese restaurant.

Once, when my eye caught this from the menu, I immediately thought of ordering one. And I must say the dish was amazing and a MUST TRY. I honestly didn't expect it to be that good at such a reasonable price. 


 I found it to be very drinkable despite its somewhat disappointing aroma. The flavor was clean, with no lingering dryness in the aftertaste.

What detracted from the taste, for me, was the lack of complexity in the flavor. It tasted like normal cold coffee that you can actually make at your home.

 If you're looking for a cold coffee with a unique flavor, unfortunately, this isn't it. Yes, it tastes fine and I wouldn't have any problem drinking it if I'm in a pinch for caffeine.

I have just shared my experience with the dishes that I ordered, but they have a big menu and I am sure you will feel satisfied with every dish!

Still, this is a fine option if you can't find some of the slightly better alternatives.

address: 1194, Mohan Meakin Society, Sector 5, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

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