Are food reviews and challenges done by YouTubers to get views healthy






Are food reviews and challenges done by YouTubers to get views healthy??

If you are a frequent social media user, you might have gotten a chance to see several YouTube channels bringing food reviews and challenges.

You have to make videos on YouTube to make money by having the views counted and added. If you are capable enough in making people entertained, you can create your channel to earn money thereby getting subscribers and views.

It has become a recent trend nowadays to become YouTubers by presenting interesting videos.

One such trend is Food Reviewing and Food Challenges.

Whatever degree and education you are excelled in, you have to give up everything to work on this platform in earning money. 

But that extends to so many extreme levels which are observed to be highly dangerous and unhealthy particularly for the growing young generations. All the YouTubers are almost youth and they do take so many risks and challenges to bring in such interesting videos. 

Food reviews are made by trying so many different recipes from all over the world by having tours. Trying venomous snakes, grasshoppers, and other deadly animals and insects are done. 

We all know, Centipedes are dangerous and poisonous. But to have views and subscribers obtained food reviewers tend to intake this without hesitation even they know it will create some other health issues. 

Already our generation youngsters are having improper sleep and diet resulting in hormonal imbalance for both the genders. If it is continued to be taken, side effects will be severe for sure.

Another persisting issue is taking food challenges. These types of challenges are taken with heavy foods like Briyani, full meals, and other non-vegetarian items. They have to take food in huge quantities in a prescribed period with their clocks set on. 

The timer will be started at the start of the video and the expected quantity must be taken without fail. By consuming an excessive quantity of food, they are creating chances for several types of diseases originating from cholesterol by burning heavy fats.

In a recent survey, it has been reported that risking too much may sometimes cost the life of the people. Any challenge that is taken without taking too much risk is acceptable and if it exceeds the limit, it should be avoided.

Nowadays diseases are prone to occur even to the young generation people irrespective of age and health. Even people who stay healthy and stronger is facing so many health issues. 

In this situation, it is worse and saddening to see people who are challenging their lives at risk to make money and this behavior is to be avoided for sure. 

As we all know “Too much of anything is good for nothing”

The statement is so true and people fail to understand the future consequences as they are not aware of it. Our ancestors have advised us to have half the amount of food, quarter amount of water, and let the balance amount empty in the stomach to stay healthy forever.

But everything has changed nowadays and the situation is completely weird about these types of food challenges.

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