Are we ready to switch to vegan milk?






Why Milk?

Have you ever wondered why milk is such a necessary part of most people’s diet?

The simple answer anyone would tell you is because milk is very nutritious. Well that being said, is there an alternative?

We all know that the idea of veganism is becoming more popular day by day, people have started to cite new forms of milk i.e, plant-based milk. But what was the need for milk in the first place?

As we know till the age of 8-11 months a child is supposed to drink mother’s milk as it contains all the essential nutrients, fat, protein, and carbs that are essential for the proper growth of children.

Basically, milk is fat, proteins, lactose (milk sugar), and minerals (salts) dissolved in water.

As believed by most of the households in India milk is not essential as its benefits can be obtained from other sources as well like nuts, grain, etc. But Milk is in lame terms a compact food enriched of all the essential nutrients, hence it has such great importance.

We have been drinking cow or any other dairy milk since the time we started domesticating cattle. It has been a very important part of our human culture as it has reduced the total reliance of humans on food items that were at times scarce.

But have we thought about the demerits of drinking dairy milk

Demerits of dairy milk

  1. The animals are continuously impregnated to obtain this milk which in itself is cruelty towards living.

  2. It uses a lot of resources and badly affects our environment.

  3. Plant-based milk such as soy milk has more protein compared to dairy milk

  4. Dairy milk sometimes contains harmful bacterias also

All the plant-based milk such as soy, almond, oats, and rice have fats, proteins, carbs, and other macro & micro-nutrients in different proportions.

Although these plant-based milk may be right environmentally and morally, they still lack in various things

Benefits of dairy milk over plant-based

  1. All the plant-based milk lacks whey and casein which are two essential things for making cheese.

  2. Only soy milk contains most of the nutrients whereas other plant-based milks like Almond, oats, and rice are ejected with essential nutrients.

Although, despite having many pros and cons dairy milk is still indispensable. We still have to rely on dairy milk for our nutrition but there is a huge ocean of possibilities for plant-based. Currently, much research is going on to make milk artificially as good as dairy in labs.

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