Covid 19 is a devil or opportunity






COVID 19 is not just the name to cross but it is the name of the devil which is going to stand in the minds of humans for centuries. Yes, this micro but the most dangerous virus is the only reason behind all the financial crisis the world is facing at the moment and in turn pushes many people to poverty, misery, unemployment, loneliness, etc.,

But, if you observe, we can see one part of the people is found wealthy and successful even in the pandemic lockdowns. How?

The only reason is they know how to survive in different climates of life. They majorly focus on opportunities in all the difficulties and never focus on difficulties in all the opportunities. So, we must plan in such a way to beat out the miseries of life.

We can derive at a solution to coin Covid 19 as a devil or opportunity in three keys such as:

  1.      Change Management: Managing the change or adapting the suitable change is the key indicator of successful persons in the pandemic. Yes, we need to accept the change and act according to the situation. Even at this time, we must not be reluctant to move with the expectations of the world. For example: when the world moves rapidly into online purchase platforms, we must not stick to the traditional method of selling products to direct customers. Therefore, accept the change and develop the environment to work with it to be successful.
  2. Skill Set enhancement: As we all know, lockdowns have made us dumped in one place and let our dreams far and near to the devil. But, survivors even in this time, learned the art of technical and necessary skills to survive. With the help of it, they stand alone and made the whole world feel that their presence is more valuable to any organization or individuals. Rather than saying, “I don’t know, we can say, we are ready to develop and learn the same to survive.
  3.     Communication: Communication is the most integral part of any individual or business which turns one’s life successful and capitalizes on the growing economy. A person with enormous skills and opportunities sitting simply at home can’t be successful, he or she must understand the essence of communication and should choose the right medium through which their products or services can be marketed. You can demand the whole world to satisfy your economical and hierarchical expectations if you know the art of efficient communication to substantiate the skill set.

Covid 19 paved the way to success in various fields like online education or e-learning, entertainment like OTT, Youtube, supermarkets, medical products like masks, sanitizers, technical or non-technical home-based jobs, and much more.

If all the above key factors are the strengths of an individual or an organization then you will be the answer for the tag line, “Survival of the fittest”.

Thus, we have derived at an equation that though Covid 19 is a devil, God has gifted a lump sum of opportunities to succeed and survive. So, focus and believe in you – “You can”!

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