Top five clothing brands for women in the world






Top 5 clothing brands for women

Fashion and women are the two sides of the same coin. Women loves playing dress up. They are so much into trends to look classy and beautiful. From weddings to meetings, women loves to dress up and present themselves in cool jaw dropping outfits to look put together. But comfort still tops their priority list. Today let’s talk about some of the best clothing brands that are super gorgeous, comfortable and classy.

1.    Chanel clothing line

2.    Gucci

3.    Prada

4.    Zara

5.    H&M

Chanel clothing line

Chanel clothing line is one of the most loved clothing brands in the world. Females all over the world savor the fabric and the intrinsic designs of this brand. Chanel brand caters to each taste and individual. That makes it one of the most loved brands of the world. They have personalized outfits and accessories for models, actors and actresses. Chanel is also well known for its perfume and bags. Chanel bags are world famous. The fabric used in their garments is super comfortable and affordable. The dresses compliment women’s style and figure. If you looking for brand that is affordable and does not compromise with quality and comfort, Chanel is the right choice for you.

2.  H&M

H&M is one such brand that caters to the needs of the customer. The products are affordable, comfortable and easily available. Hennes  & Mauritz AB is a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. As of November 2019, H&M operates in 74 countries. The products are well groomed and cater to the need of the customers.

3. Gucci

Gucci is one of the most sophisticated and luxurious brand in the world. Gucci manufactures and produces some of the best, sophisticated items that are loved by their customers. They manufacture belts, shoes, bags, dresses etc. Gucci is the most trusted cloth line across the world.

4. Zara

Zara is an international brand that has many headquarters in India. The products of Zara are rich in fabric, comfortable and elegant. There are wide ranges of varieties that they can choose from. This makes them the most wide clothing range in the world.

6.     Prada

Prada is yet another brand known for its sophistication and luxury. The clothes manufactured are rich in materials and are exquisitely gorgeous. They cater to each customer’s needs and give them the feeling of love and fashion.


The above mentioned brands are some of the best clothing brands for women in India and abroad. The clothes and dresses are rich in fabric, sophistication and elegant. The headquarters are available in the cities but you can order online from their websites and from various online shopping stores.

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