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Cleanser is an essential part of skincare regime. Without cleansing your face, skincare routine is incomplete for us. Cleanser plays an essential part in taking good care of our skin. It removes dirt and excessive oil from our skin. It prevents breakout and saves our skin from pollution. We use cleanser everyday in our life. But choosing the right product is a crucial part. They are several products in the market that makes various claims but not all are true. Also, budget plays an extremely important role in choosing the product. Keeping all the criteria in mind, I have summarized some of the best cleansers in the market. The products are good, affordable and are tested by me personally.  The products are arranged in chronological order.

For Oily Skin

Oily and sensitive skin is allergic to fragrance and people are skeptical to use certain products because that causes irritation in the skin. For oily skin, non comedogenic and non fragrance products are the best to go for. Some of the best cleansers in the market are:

1.       Neutrogena oil free cleanser

Neutrogena oil free cleanser is an international and doctor recommended brand in the market. It does not dry out our skin and does not rip off our skin from the moisture. It retails for 199 rupees for 80g. It is non comedogenic, affordable and one of the most used cleaner in the world.

2.       Cetaphil cleanser

Cetaphil is one such brand in the world that does not cause breakouts and acne. The cetaphil is a dermatologically tested and are preferred by experts. It is affordable and does not cause skin purging. It cleanses your skin and prevents skin related problems.

3.       Good vibes cleansers

Good vibes is an Indian brand that manufactures cleanser for oily skins. They are super affordable and retails at 150 per 120 g. It does not dry out the skin and prevent breakouts. It contains fragrance and should not be used by extremely sensitive skin.

4.       Re’quel  cleansers

RE’quel is another Indian brand that is loved by the customers.  The products are non comedogenic and does not cause skin purging. It cleanses your skin and removes dirt from your skin. Other products from these brands are also well loved.

For dry skin

People with dry skin have a wide variety of products. Cleansers are also not an exception. The market is filled with product for dry skin.  People with dry skin are extremely lucky unless it is winter. People with dry skin should look for hydrating cleansers. Hydrating cleansers not only cleanses their skin but also helps in hydrating their skin. It retains and locks the moisture content of the skin. Some of the best cleansers in the market are as follows:

1.       Himalaya Neem face wash

Himalaya face wash is one of the staples of Indian skin care routine. It clears pimple and removes excess oil and dirt from your skin. The Neem extracts present in the cleanser prevents acne causing bacteria causing breakouts. Himalaya is an Indian brand that is serving the people from the past few decades. You can definitely trust Himalaya.

2.       Clean and clear

Clean and clear is the most affordable cleanser in the Indian market. The packaging comes in a bottle and the fragrance is lovely. It clears blackheads, whiteheads and acne scars.  The mini bottle can be brought at ten Indian rupees.

3.       Everyuth face wash

Ever youth is an Indian brand that comes in many variants. The turmeric and Neem variant is one of the best variant available. The Neem and turmeric extracts are good for the skin. The cost of this face washes retails for about fifty bucks. Yes you heard it right.


The above mentioned face washes can be used by both dry and combination skin. There are several other brands that are equally loved by the Indian audience. Lakme, Clinique etc are some of the best that rules the Indian market. But I have mentioned all the affordable ones. I hope this blog was useful for you.


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