How to get the no makeup makeup look?

Women loves makeup and that is a fact. We love playing dress up and makeup from a very early age. Women loves to doll up and look good at events, parties etc. But there are certain occasion where wearing a lot of makeup does not seem good. We love to look natural with makeup. And there is nothing wrong in it. We want others to look at us and thing that we are naturally beautiful (which we all are). So, I am here to share with you my go to no makeup makeup look.

1.       Prep your face with a coat of moisturizer

Moisturizing your face is extremely important because that makes our base look flawless. It hydrates our skin and avoids dry and flaky skin. So, it is highly suggested that you prep your skin before applying any makeup. Use a good, hydrating moisturizer at least 1o minutes before applying your primer.

2.       Apply your primer

Many people skip this step and as a result their skin breakout very often. Primer acts as a barrier for your base and holds your foundation in place. It blurs out your pores and makes your face look flawless and even.

3.       Apply a bb or cc cream instead of a foundation

I prefer cc creams because I feel they look less cakey and natural. I am not a fan of full coverage foundation. If you prefer a foundation, you can opt for a medium coverage foundation. Cc creams are light and get easily blended into the skin. You can opt for lakme cc creams if you want to buy one.

4.       Conceal your dark spots and under eyes.

In makeup, the less is always better. Use less amount of product and build up if needed. Adding more products can make you look cakey and the whole point of no makeup look will be in vain.

5.       Use a natural looking blush

Blush makes a woman look plump and pretty. But a coral blush when used in minimal amount can make your cheeks pinkish naturally. You can slay the no makeup look.

6.       Apply your lipstick or lip tint

Dab lipstick on your lips with fingers. Opt for nude or coral colors to make you look naturally flawless and gorgeous. May you shine like a diva.

Accessorize your outfit and wear a nice perfume. And that’s it you are good to go. Now you might be slaying this look and your crush might fall in love with you. May the odds be in your favour.

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