5 luxurious bag brands in the world






Luxurious bags compliment your style and give you that chic look. They are designed to suit all tastes and occasions. They can give you a subtle and sophisticated look and highlight your personality. They flaunt our style and add a tint of glam to our outfits. We all love expensive bags. Many have a wish list of gaudy luxurious bags that can burn a hole in your pocket.

In this glamorous world, everyone likes to be glamorous and luxurious just like their favorite celebrity. Bags can accessorize you and glam up your whole look. Be it a party or an office, you can be the diva of fashion. Luxurious bags are a fashion statement. It can make you stand out and you can be the next fashion Queen of your group.

In this post, we will talk about some of the best luxurious bags in the world that will take you to another level. The list is as follows:

  1. Louis vuitton Bag

    Louis vuitton bag dominates the entire beauty and fashion industry with its chic looking gorgeous bags. Louis vuitton bags come in all colors and sizes to suit every woman out there. The leathery accessory is rich in material and their latest editions are manufactured as per customer’s convenience. Louis vuitton bags are waterproof and even fireproof. The leather is free from any chemical dye or tan. The bags are handmade and that is why they are very expensive. Louis vuitton bag price ranges from $500 to $5,700.


  2. Chanel bag

    Chanel is French based brand that manufactures vintage bags. They mostly use colors like Grey and nude to show boldness and adding a sprint of classic vintage look. The materials used to manufacture such bags are rich and quilted. The leather used is good that prevents wear and tear. Chanel bags price in India ranges from 43000 Rs to 2, 70,000 rupees.

  3. Christian Dior

    Founded by Christian Dior in Paris, Dior fashion is the go to place for fashionistas. Not only they produce luxury bags, but also top the fashion industry with accessories, clothing etc. You name it they have it. Each Dior bag is carefully manufactured with intrinsic hard work and details. They are ready to serve you with some incredible bags to suit every occasion.

  4. Gucci designer bags

    The durability and quality of Gucci bags are incredible. The bags are rich in leather and are unique. The craftsmanship involved in making Gucci bags makes them stand out in the fashion world. The bags are classy, luxurious and comfortable to carry. The price of Gucci bags $2000 to $3000 on their official website.

  5. Prada

    Prada is unique in its ideas. Their collections are always new in look and creative. Prada experiments with its designs that make them special. The subtlety and variety in its collection makes them women’s best loved brand. My favorite has to be the black bags from the new line that was released in 2019. The black line gives that glamorous look that every woman dreams of.


    If you want to buy your dream luxury bag, head over to their official website to check them out. Luxury bags are woman’s best friend. They can make you look elegant and classy without much effort.

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