Natural Healthy Skin in Home at Home Made Ingredients:

Skin Care is the challenging task for every youngster and even for middle-aged people who are aiming to stay healthy and glowing all the time. And for almost all the women, this is the priority rather having food and water for survival. Over the years so many fairness creams and moisturizers have come into the market got attraction from people all over the globe. But the reality is instead of using those chemically treated mixtures you can directly get the nourishments from the natural products that we are using in our day to day life and those are listed below.


Use of Milk Products:


Milk products are undoubtedly the skin lightening agents which possess high lactic acid. Those acid contents act as a natural moisturizer help the skin in getting free from dark lines, wrinkles and other tans. Curd and yoghurt also help in treating the sunburns and for treatment of acne, it is highly preferred. You can apply all the milk products directly in the face and wash it with water after 15 minutes to see the white magic in the skin.

Use fruits and Vegetable Extracts:


Almost all vegetables and fruits possess immense health benefits in terms of skincare. Let use the benefits of some of the fruits and vegetables here.

  1. Papaya – Used for treating Oily skin and dead cells.
  2. Apple Peels – Used for skin lightening treatment
  3. Lemon and Orange – Natural antiseptic used to heal wounds and cracks.
  4. Cucumber – Used to treat Dark circles and dry skin.
  5. Aloe Vera – Used as cooling Agent that helps in reducing the body heat.
  6. Cucumber Extracts – Used for Skin Rejuvenation.
  7. Mustard Oil – Used to treat unwanted fats in the body.
  8. Onion Juice – Used in the Treatment of acne.
  9. Tomato Peels – Used to treat dry skin and rejuvenation
  10. Potato Peels – Used for skin Lightening.

Use Turmeric while Bathing:

Turmeric is one of the natural antiseptics that brings in a lot of health benefits to the human body. You can use the turmeric in powder form to bath yourself. The odour of turmeric is so pleasing and improves your immune system. Use of appropriate form of turmeric along with oil and curd in the face increases the shining of your face. Glowing will be felt after usage over a certain period. Even oily skin will get rejuvenated once if you use turmeric regularly. It is recommended not to apply turmeric in the skin for more than 15 minutes as it will result in hardening of cells present inside.

Use Olive Oil and Honey:

Olive Oil and Honey are the natural moisturizers which possess numerous health benefits. Consuming raw honey will increase your immune system and external application in the skin also brings in good moisturizing benefits. Olive oil is also used to increase the shining of your skin. In branded skincare hospitals, doctors will advise having olive oil applied for skin lightening treatment. Dark circles around the eyes, blackness in the neck can be treated using these natural items for sure.

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  1. suhanasiddika255Nov. 21, 2020, 2:46 p.m.

    Helpful. But some people are allergic to turmeric. I am allergic to be specific. Any alternative?