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If you are a girl and a fashionista too, scarves will be a thing for you. Don’t you figure out different ways to tie your hair with silk scarves? Here’s where your doubt will be cleared of How to wear a silk scarf in your hair? Scarves, as an integral part of a girl’s attire, fascinate almost every girl nowadays. The history of hair scarves sheds light on women’s take on protecting their hair from sunlight, pollution, or natural occurrence. Nowadays, every woman wants a hair scarf matching with their clothes even when they are out for grocery shopping! If you are one of them and still can’t decide ways to style your silk scarf, here’s how this guide will help you. There are several ways to tie your hair with a silk scarf ranging from super easy to minutely detailed.

Now coming to, answering the question How to tie a silk scarf in your hair?

Steps to Tie Silk Scarf in your Hair

  1. Tying around a Ponytail - If you have a busy day ahead and you rock your hair with a simple pony tie. This will neither require time nor any of your effort. Simply knotting it around your ponytail will do the job. If you think that your hair tie might slip away, don’t forget to tie your ponytail with a rubber band first.
  2. Tying it in a Bandana - The go-to style to protect your hair from sun exposure is the bandana style which takes nearly 2-3 seconds to take shape. Just fold your square shape scarf crosswise and tie the corner ends into a knot around your hair leaving loose the third end will pretty do the job. There you go saving your bad hair day from revelation!
  3. Tying it like Grace Kelly - This style requires a longer scarf than usual. The older Hollywood personalities preferred this style as they roamed about in their grand convertibles. You just need to wrap it around your hair and neck covering most parts and voila your day is saved. You can feel the wind without ruining your hair.
  4. Tying your Braid with the Silken Accessory - You can tie your regular braid with a silk hair tie. You need to tie a regular scarf knot and incorporate both ends with two braid sections. When you are sorted with the basic structure, start tying your braid with the scarf ends and done. You are left with a beautiful and colorful braid!
  5. Tying it like a Headband - If you have a square scarf, first fold the scarf crosswise and start folding from the wide part to the pointed corners until you get a thin headband. If you have a rectangular scarf, just fold it till you reach a long headband.

Wrapping Up

After reading about these styles if you still struggle with your hair scarf before a big day, you can revise again and again. The answer to your question How to wear a silk scarf in your hair is answered gracefully with beautiful styling techniques.

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  1. I would definitely give it a try! It can be a start for beginners.