Starring Role of Tattoo in The Healing Process of Sexual Assault






All those strong souls surviving the sexual assault once in their lives are aware of how it feels like. This is too disturbing to even express that your body doesn’t feel yours and you have lost all the trust in humankind. The survivor had to go through a constant battle with their own selves. In such emotional distress, there is one thing that has healed many people out there. Wondering what is it? Well, could you think of a tattoo as a way to heal the person gone through the trauma?

A Tattoo Is an Effective Tool Against the Pain

You’ll love to know that tattoo is now recognized as an effective and healthy tool against the dishonor and pain of sexual assault. For all those people surviving this trauma has come out to be using tattoo as a sign of fighting back. Instead of keeping their mouth shut, they are using powerful tattoos as a gesture of fighting back. They are using tattoo designs that are proving to give them strength, calm their bodies, and spread the message to all other people who’ve gone through this disgrace.

The tattoo has proved out to be a healing art for the survivors of sexual assault. They are basically a way of empowering such individuals. The tattoo is aiding the healing process of such people and you can enjoy a variety of such powerful tattoo designs at Tattoo Design Inc. to get the sense of being strong.

Just scroll down to know various tattoos and what do they symbolize. We’ll see how are they designed to depict the healing patterns for a person gone through sexual trauma.

No Means No Tattoo

The tattoo ‘no means no’ has proven to be highlighting the importance of consent. It let the wearer feel more empowered as they speak out on this crucial aspect via a tattoo.

Tattoo of A Sexual Assault Awareness Ribbon

The tattoo has been recognized for sexual assault awareness around the globe. Many sexual trauma survivors chose to wear this teal ribbon incorporated with their tattoo. This teal ribbon tattoo has proven to be a wonderful way of expressing solidarity in the fight against sexual assault. Designers are coming up with unique tattoo designs to make it a stand-alone piece for the survivors.

Tattoo of A Semicolon

This tattoo is used to represent the healing process of a survivor in a much-simplified way. It is considered to be the ideal choice for such people. The tattoo is also used to represent those who have gone through suicidal ideation and successfully overcome it. The semicolon tattoo has been a moral support to such people and the signification of survivors who have gone through depression after the assault.

The Fire Rose Unity Tattoo

This tattoo has been worn by lady gaga aft6er she was assaulted. This basically is a way of creating awareness for sexual assault. The tattoo symbol involves a white rose, (that represents purity and innocence), a symbol of infinity, and a small flame that embodies hope and enlightens the survivor. The survivors of sexual assault wear this tattoo for the purpose of celebrating their victories and as a remembrance of their epic struggle.

Tattoos with Empowering Quotes

Tattoos incorporating quotations are yet another way for the sexual assault survivors to heal their pain of the horrible memory. Such tattoos are a great way to provide strength to people and uplift their spiritual capacities. Such quotations basically function as mantras and aid in the overall healing process of the survivor. These tattoos are a reminder that they still are joyous and no one could take spirit.

Tattoos Incorporated with Spiritual Symbols

People who have gone through sexual assault find it healing and even comforting to have tattoos with spiritual symbols. Women belonging to Christianity to paganism have chosen to wear spiritual symbolled tattoos that represent unity, love, and divine existence. Such tattoos have proven to be an efficient way of healing even to the subconscious level. Not to forget these tattoos are a great reminder of comfort and peace.

Female Dominated Tattoos

Such tattoos are always the ones to re-awaken the women's power. For a sexual assault survivor, it is surely a powerful stance against male dominion culture. Women who’ve gone through such experience and are wearing these tattoos are of believing that it gives them strength and incredible power to heal through the trauma they’ve faced. Such tattoos are a great way to celebrate female strength.

Final Thought

Tattoos are a great healing aid for the pain of sexual assault survivors. The reason they’re being such a great help is that they provide a perfect platform for the survivor to assimilate the impact of the trauma and physically re-experience it as they get them a tattoo. This allows further grasp but in a controlled atmosphere. Such tattoos are undoubtedly a tool in the healing journey of the survivor. 

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