Smokey eyes go with all your makeup looks if you pull it off in the right way






The one makeup look that has been recently gone viral among the girls is the smoky eyes trend.

The Smokey eye makeup look is very classic. If you are on your way to search for a chic and classy look that will provide the perfect amount of attention that you want for yourself, then the latest trend of smoky eyes is the answer. This look will make you stand out among the whole crowd. It is the most loved makeup look because it gives a very classic look to your entire personality without making you look vulgar. For reference you can always check out the latest Pakistani bridal wear fashion.

If we trace back to the time of the 1900s, the particular makeup look did not exist. In that time, the makeup look was more subtle and mostly comprised of making red rosy cheeks with contrasting eyeshades. However, as time progressed, ladies tried to apply the darker shades in eyeshades and lipsticks. They wore dark and bright lipstick shades to get attention, make their lips look bold, and have a very showy bold personality look. So the trends went from a pale look to a very ruddy high colored look. It is when the makeup artists made full use of the ongoing trend and introduced the perfect blend of a bold look by using the idea of smoky eyes. This look also gave confidence to women and, they felt that it also showed their deep feminine side.

The road to smoky eyes requires you to have a black eye shadow, brushes, primer concealer, liner, and any other color shade if you want to blend in and from a good makeup brand. You do not want your eye shadow fading away and your liner dripping off from your eyes from anywhere. The concealer makes your skin tone the same from the area under your eyes, above them matching the color of your cheeks. The black shade’s layer over layer softly bending over each other gives off a very fine appearance. Usually, the smoky eye makeup look is famous for another reason. You can add the shimmery shade of any other color onto the black shade and, it’ll give the perfect match with your dress color. Shades like golden, red, maroon, royal blue are coupled with the black eyeshade to keep the look into a trendy and fashionable style. Most of us would refrain from using colored eyeshade while doing smoky eyes because it is risky and, the chances of it going wrong are most likely. You have to choose the shade you want to apply matching not only with your dress color but also with your skin tone. Once you figure out to choose the right one and you blend it softly, your look shall not disappoint you. The bridal makeup look has also been coming with this trend. It is not so common in bridal makeup since the bride wants to keep a subtle and light look that shall make her look innocent and elegant. 

Smoky eyes are the best to go with all your party and bridal dresses. The reason for this is that it is a very intimidating makeup look that will automatically bring glamor to your everyday makeup look. Before you finally make your public appearance in the long-awaited part at your friend’s place, try to practice the smoky eyes twice or thrice in front of your mirror because the perfect blend can take a few wrong trials before. Be it your hang out with friends, a date night, or a late-night party at a cousin’s place, smoky eyes can prove to be the perfect blend in all these events for you. 

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  1. Very interesting! We all are surviving everyday behind the fashion.