Changed Fashion Trends due to Coronavirus







Simon Wolfson has put it rightly and succinctly, “no one wants to buy clothes to sit at home in.” To some extent he is right, yet, I want to amend his statement and present it as, everyone wants to buy the clothes which they can buy to sit at home in. Yes, people are buying clothes; but with a few different needs attached to it. The pandemic has stayed sufficiently long to change our behavior as well as our fashion. Fashion industry is one of the most affected areas during this period, this crisis has drastically changed our fashion trends and senses. Till now, most of us were looking at others for fashion; what others are wearing, how they are wearing, in what manner they are wearing a particular thing. But, suddenly this era of social distancing has turned our eyes to ourselves. Things have changed substantially; new attributes are emerging, fashion is finding new expressions. And we are finding new fashion.

Comfortability comes first

 After the outbreak of Coronavirus, comfort has taken the center stage of the fashion industry. People are buying stuff which not only looks good but also feels good. As the trend of Work from home has started to grow, demand for cozy and comfy clothing has gone highly up. Individuals doing work from home are selecting those outfits which they can wear during their online video call meetings as well as during the solitary working hours. Fashion designers are creating dresses which are comfortable to wear without compromising its design or look.

New shelf-life of clothes

New trends and analysis show that consumers are looking for wearables with durability. One good thing that we have learnt during this crisis is endurance. The sense of persistence has firmly settled in the minds of consumer and he is seeking the same in commodities he is buying or the garments that he is wearing. This has opened the doors of creating designs which are compelling as well as consistent. The makers are using more lasting materials for their fashion apparel. People are expected to buy fewer clothes but finer ones.

Mask is a must 

Masks have become an inevitable part of our lives. The market is flooded with designer and fashionable masks. One fundamental thing about the fashion industry is that it grabs every possible niche and during the outbreak masks were the best example of this. Big companies like Adidas and Peter England have started manufacturing and selling a large quantity of masks. It's clear that the award of 2020s most fashionable item will undisputedly go to the mask, stitched with creativity. In substance, it is a functional thing which has now become fashionable. In addition to safety,, they have apparently become an extra ornament for us. Now, a small piece of colored cloth, wrapped around your face has emerged as a strong fashion statement. 

The fashion industry is not immune to the global turbulence created by the pandemic. It is obvious that in order to survive humans have changed their ways of existing, and the same applies to fashion.  

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