Basic personal grooming tips every woman needs to know






Every woman is beautiful. Accept yourself as the way you are. To look beautiful and attractive you should not solely stress upon applying loads of makeup and switching to designer labels. Accept yourself as the way you are and remember do not let people judge you upon the colour of your skin. Be confident and happy in the way God made you. Maintain every part of your body, groom it in the best possible way. Make yourself presentable by making your appearance appealing. You will feel good about yourself and will ultimately raise your confidence level. Follow these personal hygiene and grooming tips and enhance your personality.

1. Know your skin type:

First and foremost step in self-grooming to understand your skin type. Whether it is normal, dry, oily or combination skin you need to buy skincare products accordingly. Then in accordance with that set a proper skincare routine for yourself. If you ignore this step you will end messing up the things despite putting efficient efforts for your skincare. 

2. Resort to home skincare regime:

An adequate routine you need to set for yourself. A promising skincare routine comprises of a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, glow serum, sunscreen(with at least SPF 50), eye cream, day cream and night cream. However, if running short of time at least follow a CTM routine.

3. Avoid over-makeup:

Just putting on layers of makeup is not at all sensible. Applying layers will just give you a cakey look. Remember, a sensible woman applies makeup only to enhance her beauty not to change herself completely. If you overdo any product you will just end up messing up things. Always prefer light makeup on a routine basis because 'less is more'. So look presentable always and apply minimal makeup. For daily routine opt for a compact with sheer coverage with just a good lip gloss and kajal in addition to.

4. Maintain your hair: 

Do not believe in the age-old principle that only long hair looks beautiful even short hair can look attractive if maintained properly. Long hair needs more time, efforts and money for adequate care. If you can't maintain them then you must resort to short hair. Also, take a haircut according to your face shape and get your rough hair trimmed at regular intervals to avoid split ends and other hair related issues.

5. Regular visits to your favourite salon: 

No matter how busy you are in your life you must take out time to visit your favourite salon as per requirements. Get your unwanted removed, maintain your brows, upper lips. Go for those monthly manicures and pedicures thus maintain your hands and feet. Use nice hands and foot creams and apply them twice on daily basis and keep your nails short and clean as well.


6. Always dress up decently: 

Resort to decent clothing and always wear neat and clean clothes free from any kinds of stains. Make sure that these are properly ironed as well. No visible sweat marks should be present especially the area near underarms. Wisely choose your wardrobe and pick up the clothes accordingly to the occasion. Note that always wear well-fitted clothes as they will always ending up boosting your confidence level.

7. Take care of your beautiful smile:  

Make it a point to visit your dentist every six months. Take care of your teeth and brush twice a daily for the best results. And most importantly always keep a smiling face.

8. Always smell good: 

Use good quality deodorants, talc, roll on deos, perfumes regularly and make it a point to always smell nice. No matter how good you are dressed up, if you will give foul smell it will turn you into a big turn-off. The bad odour will only lower your level of confidence Avoid using strong perfumes because mild ones are perfect for women.

9. Choose comfortable footwear: 

It is often said that a person's personality is reflected by the shoes he or she is wearing. Always prefer flats over heels and if you are a heel lover choose only the kind of heels which you would be able to carry comfortably and does not give any kind of noise when you walk. Always wear neat and tidy shoes. 

10. Follow a healthy and balanced diet: 

A healthy and properly balanced diet will make you beautiful inside out. Your body will be thoroughly nourished and your skin will reflect a healthy and natural glow. It will also help in shedding those extra pounds of weight and therefore you will look beautiful and attractive despite whatever you wear.

11. Daily workout:

Exercising on regular basis is also needed in addition to a balanced diet. Adopt the kind of workout which suits your lifestyle and keep your body properly toned. Turn yourself from 'fat to fit'. 


12. Have basic etiquettes:

Last but not least you should be aware of basic etiquettes which are quite essential for the personal grooming. So in addition to physical looks work on polishing your basic etiquettes as well. You must be a frequent user of courtesy words like 'sorry'

'please’ and ‘thank you’. Always speak politely with everyone, do not use any kind of harsh words and mind your sitting, standing and walking postures. 

So always present the best version of yours in front of others. Keep yourself up to date with the latest beauty and fashion trends. Do pick up trendy clothes for yourself. Apart from physical looks work on basic etiquette as well, remember your personality reflects your confidence. 


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