8 Latest Fashion Trends in India that Ruled in 2020






2020 is ending soon and we are still going through the Covid-19 crisis. But let’s hope for the best! Though there were negative vibes in this year everywhere, the fashion industry was still booming. This year, we had to see various latest fashion trends in India.  Be it Palazzo or Ruffle saree, each fashion is ruling over India.

Let’s See Which Latest Fashion Trends in 2020 are Ruling:

1.     Printed Kurtis

This is one of the latest fashion trends in India for weddings. Printed Kurtis can fit in any occasion. You can wear it in offices, marriages, parties or at festivals.  Even you can wear it casually in your routine lifestyle.

2.     Stripes

Stripes have come back with a bang. You can see trendy clothes with stripes everywhere. You can wear palazzo pants with stripes, White-coloured Kurta or Top with stripes, or Odhani designed with stripes. This linear wear can fit any body type. But you should choose vertically designed stripes as it will look elegant in such clothes.

3.     Ruffle Saree

Saree can’t be outdated as a fashion trend.  Saree draping styles have come with different interesting patterns.   Ruffle saree is one of them which can be wearable in weddings, parties, and events.

The ruffle saree gives a chick retro look. You look modern, sexy yet traditional in this different stylized saree. There are different styles of draping ruffle saree. Either you can tuck this retro style with a belt or wear it with Nivi Style draping.

4.     Polka Dots

The fashion trend of the 70s has returned with the oomph factor. Many celebrities have seen wearing dresses with Polka dots.  This classic trend can be worn by any age group of women. The trend can be seen in Kurtis, tops, palazzo pants, long skirts, shirts, blouses, sarees, and frocks.  It gives you a sober yet stylish look.  Wear it casually, or at short trips, or any event, you will stand out among others with this classy trend.

5.     Long Jackets

You can wear them with ethnic dresses or western outfits. Long Jackets with a crop top and leather jeans will be a glamourized look for any occasion. You can wear Palazzo Pants with Long Jackets.

6.     Fringes

You can wear a long gown with fringes at the cocktail party.  It is a favourite trend for teenage girls. Wear dresses with fringes in colleges, get- together, small events, or at the book launch party.  Crop tops with fringes is another ruling trend in 2020.

7.     Dhoti Pants

Dhoti Pants is becoming a craze among women as well as men celebrities. It is one from Indian ethnic fashion trends 2020.  You can experiment with Dhoti Pants along with Kurtis, Short Kurtis, Long jackets along with crop top, and choli. This visually appealing trend can slay everywhere whether you’re in the office or the function.

8.     Leather

This trend can’t go out of fashion ever. It is a must-have look for every woman. You can wear leather leggings, skirts, dresses, and pants everywhere. It is a favourite fashion trend of college-going girls. A Black leather jacket with a sports bra and white pants will be a stylish and bold look, you can try it at trips and parties.

So, what are your favourite latest fashion trends in India for 2020? Tell us in the comment box below. 

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