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Shein was an amazing app that had highly discounted apparel that came straight out of the vogue's cover magazines. Plus the application was extremely convenient to use as well as the customers suggested that the shipping and delivery were right on time. For modern fashionistas looking for trendy clothing and accessories, SHEIN has long been a great platform. And rightly so, as the China-based shopping app excels in most aspects to be a one-stop women’s shopping platform. Shein is not the only app that caters to women’s clothing and fashion. There are several shopping apps that produce and sell clothing for women. But then again, not all of them can compete with the huge assortment of the Chinese rival. Having taken a close look at a number of shopping apps, we’ve picked out the top Shein replacement apps that can let you buy the latest dresses and accessories. If you are still annoyed with the decision, don’t worry because we have got you covered. Shein might have been an excellent site to choose your clothing attires from but these alternative Play Store apps are top-notch.

Take a look at these amazing options before you start your weekend binge shopping. 

 ROMWE – Women’s Fashion

Romwe follows the tagline of ‘From Runway to Realway’ and brings you options that are close to Shein. The best thing about Romwe is the price and the delivery quotation which are extremely low. This site has awesome products, labels, and fascinating collections. This website offers multi-optional categories from where you can choose something that will fit you perfectly. Romwe utilizes the feature to help you shop by date, which is just like Shein. And if you are worried about the plus size, there are options which help you to get fitting clothes right from here. Further, ROMWE also offers hot sales that can let you grab items at up to a 95% discount. Thanks to the multiple payment methods like PayPal and credit cards, you can securely make payments. But what tilts the tide in favor of ROMWE is a 60-day return policy. Considering Shein doesn’t have an excellent return policy, it easily gets the upper hand in this crucial aspect.


Myntra is a fantastic app and one of the most in-demand applications which were created by Mukesh Bansal and Ashutosh Lawnia. It was an individual app that was later acquired by Flipkart, which is also founded in India. The US-based company called Walmart has recently acquired a major stake in it and thus, Myntra now stands with multiple foreign investors from all around the world. This application has specifications based on your needs, prices which are perfectly suited if you are a thrifty shopper. If Shein claims to be a top-notch app for fashion shopping, Myntra is not behind either. Boasting a wide assortment of products from over 2500 brands, it’s designed to be a great shopping destination for all sorts of buyers including aspiring fashionistas. Just like Shein, it also features several filters such as a discount, prices, colors, sizes, and popularity to let you quickly find the sort of apparel you are looking for.

Thanks to the integrated Myntra coupon codes, you get a chance to buy a product at a huge discount. Besides, it also providers the real-time notifications about the exclusive deals to ensure you don’t miss out on big offers. As a result, you can grab high-quality dresses at a very low price.


Going by the sheer numbers, Amazon is by far the most popular shopping apps. And if you have set your sight on a Shein alternative with a mammoth collection of trendy clothing, this one can easily fit into your needs. Featuring a variety of fashionable items designed for both classy and modern women, Amazon can give a strong competition to Shein and even win on some fronts.

Apart from offering a nice assortment of women’s clothing, the app also excels in providing clothes, footwear, accessories for men and kids. Moreover, it offers a quick way to compare prices so that you can find the right deal depending on your budget. Besides, the reviews from buyers also play a vital role in helping you make an informed decision.


Though Urbanic is a relatively new player in the cut-throat market, it promises to be your one-stop platform for women’s clothing and fashion. What puts it on the forefront is an ever-growing library of thousands of latest clothes. From the gorgeous dresses, funky-looking t-shirts to the beautiful gowns, it’s fully equipped to live up to the demand of varied choice. Notably, you can always expect it to surprise you with some out-of-the-box collections.

In terms of pricing, it’s even-steven thanks largely to the big discounts, coupons, and flash sales. Therefore, you can buy high-quality clothes at a comparatively low price.

With the live chat feature, you can chat with the Urbanic team to know more about a specific cloth and whether or not it will go along with a particular theme.  Additionally, it also provides 10-day hassle-free returns, so you won’t have any problem in returning an item if it doesn’t live up to your demand.


For modern fashionistas who never seem to get enough of the hottest apparel, H&M appears to be a fantastic choice. Yes, you read that right! The app has got one of the finest collection of clothes and accessories from the world’s top brands. So, it doesn’t matter whether you want to set a trend or catch up with a hot style that’s just gone viral, chances are that you won’t have to look beyond.

Smart searches aside, H&M also offers personalized suggestions based on your interest. As a result, finding the sort of collections that get along nicely with your style becomes quite straightforward. On top of all, H&M has a fairly good reputation when it comes to safeguarding the personal information of users, unlike Shein. Considering these notable features, it can safely stake the claim of being one of the best Shein alternatives.


Dresslily is the destination for you if you want to get highly fashionable items and choices which are marked at really low prices. Dresslily has the same collection as Shein, most collections out of them are based on vintage wears. Dresslily offers you a discount of about 70% on your first buy from this shop and there are extra coupons, additional offers for the new users. The clearance and end sales of this site are highly valued as you can get an item of ₹1300 at just 300! From gothic wears to girly dresses, this site has it all for you.

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