5 Amazing homemade remedies for glowing skin






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Your skin health is very important not only for appearance or for looks but also because your performs so many essential tasks for your body.  So here are the some remedies for glowing face at home itself. 

1. Cucumber :

Cucumber has the same pH level as that of our skin. It helps in replenishing the skin’s protective layer, keeps the skin hydrated thus promoting glowing skin.

How to use it : 

 # You can apply cucumber slices on your eyes which will help in reducing dark circles. 

# You can also apply cucumber juice on your face by grinding it. 

2. Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is rich in vitamins which is good for our skin. And it keeps skin glowing and soft and also  prevent acne. 

How to use it : 

# You can extract juice from natural aloe vera plant and apply that on your face . 

# You can also apply aloe vera gel that is available in the market.

3. Turmeric: 

It has skin lightening properties which help you to get rid of dark spots effectively without causing any side - effects .

How to use it : 

# Mix turmeric powder with raw milk and gently apply it on your face and neck. 

# You can also add honey if you want to. 

4. Yoghurt:

Yoghurt is rich in lactic acid which is good for our skin. Yoghurt moisturizes our skin and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. It also improves skin elasticity and keeps it glowing. 

How to use it : 

# Apply yoghurt directly on your face using cotton and then wash it with cold water or normal water. 

5. Rosewater: 

Rosewater gives healthy glow to the skin and is good for boosting hydration. 

How to use it :

# You can directly apply the rosewater on your face using cotton pads . 

# You can also apply rose water by mixing a small amount of water in your moisturizing cream because moisturizer will get easily absorbed in the skin hydrating it from within.

Note: You can apply all the remedies for 10-15 minutes or 20 min. than wash it with normal water or cold water.  

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