Why F.R.I.E.N.D.S Series Should be Recommended by Everyone???






At first when I was in my secondary school, I was really not into watching series stuff and was really not good enough in speaking English until I saw my schoolmates playing a quiz based on some English series. The quiz questions where based on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I realised that my mates were very thoroughly engrossed in the show, as they could answer all the questions in detail. Then I thought, “Why don’t I give it a try?” Later when I watched the first episode, unfortunately I couldn’t connect myself. Hence, I stopped watching it for a while. But I really wanted to watch it, as it was a much hyped series, which almost everyone use to love it.

Later when I use to travel by train for my college, I wanted to kill some time in the train, so I started watching the second episode and continued. By this time, I was totally into the series. I watched the whole season twice, so as to enjoy the happy moments which were highlighted in that season. But what’s so special about Friends that makes it hook everyone????

·       Is it I’ll be there for you song? Which we don’t skip often while the start of every episode?

·       Joey’s Love for food?

·       Chandler’s sarcastic lines?

·       Phoebe’s smelly cat song?

·       Ross’s gestures?

·       Monica’s food?

Probably it is everything which makes this series that special and more importantly it’s any one of the character which relates you and that’s the reason it makes you watch it over and over. It’s almost everyone who needs a friend saying “I’ll be there for you?” and a friend asking “How you doing?” and should mean it. Everyone wants to be ourselves when we are with that one friend. The show also gives us an opportunity to imagine us with our friends and live that kind of life. While you watch it for the first time it’s all funny, laughter, romance and friendship. But while you watch it for the second time you start analysing yourself at their place and find reasons why people watch if again and again.

Friendship doesn’t happen with checking someone’s background or looking whether a person is rich or poor, it comes out naturally. It’s the instant connection and the trust that is built over a time. In this series each one is from a different background, Monica is a chef, Ross a palaeontologist, Chandler has a job in data processing, Phoebe is a masseuse and a musician, Joey is a struggling actor and Rachel at first is a waitress before she could actually start working in a clothing firm. In the entire series all of them have stood for each other all the time.

Everyone did what they like to do, and more importantly how they want to do it. Even though it is weird/different they always did it their way. This goes for everyone as well. Always following one’s passion is not easy, sometimes the path is rocky one needs tackle it well. “If it meant to be, it will” is what Ross and Rachel taught us. They were meant to be together. Even after breakups, marrying and divorcing, they were meant to be together in the end. As Phoebe says, “He’s her Lobster”. And Destiny is something that I personally believe in. Also Chandler and Monica even though being dating many others before getting together realised that in the end it’s only our close ones who are there for us, and they both realised that they immensely loved each other and taught us how to adjust in tough and difficult times being together.

Joey taught us how to be happy no matter what the situation is and only solution to everything is smile and eat lots of food. Phoebe gave us a lesson of how to make others happy by providing a helping hand of ours and how to sing songs on particular situations.

Thus, I would suggest everyone to watch this series as many times as you want until your smile on your face persists.

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