Who is ATEEZ? The Bright Future of Music Industry!






If you are a regular K-POP fan, I'm sure you have come across the 8-member boygroup ATEEZ several times, not just once. Within such a short time into their career, they have established themselves as one-of-a-kind group who excels in vocals, rap, performance, visual, discography and artistry. However if you don't know them, yet; you need to look into them RIGHT NOW because this group is unstoppable. With their highly-anticipated debut in 2018, they were also given the label of "Monster Rookies" as they had sold-out tour worldwide within 5 months into their debut, including USA and Europe. In a survey of most popular K-Pop groups in USA, ATEEZ came second, just behind the Grammy-nominated artist BTS. Also called the "Leaders of 4th Generation of K-Pop" They will indeed make a huge name for themselves in future, taking the entire K-Pop genre to even more heights through their brilliance. Give me a chance to introduce ATEEZ, The Future of Music Industry.

ATEEZ (에이티즈) is an 8-member boy group consisting of Kim Hongjoong, Park Seonghwa, Jeong Yunho, Kang Yeosang, Choi San, Song Mingi, Jung Wooyoung, Choi Jongho; formed by KQ Entertainment. In my opinion, and I know a lot of other people will agree as well, ATEEZ is one of the most well-rounded groups. They debuted in 2018 yet the songs they have put out and their performances till today are extraordinary. This group's biggest strength is their performance. In every stage, their performances are filled with energetic dance moves, powerful rap, sharp yet smooth vocals and impressive production with smooth beat transitions. Don't believe me? See for yourself. 

This fan-favourite song "Hala Hala" is the release which will be remembered for long. You just watch these guys and see that hunger and passion in their eyes wanting to prove themselves and make a place for themselves in this big world. 

Like every other K-Pop group, ATEEZ members also had certain positions they debuted with. 

(Left to right)        Hongjoong • Seonghwa • Yunho • Yeosang    

(Left to right) Leader, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist • Lead Vocalist, Visual • Main Dancer, Vocalist • Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Visual

(Left to right)   San • Mingi • Wooyoung • Jongho

(Left to right)     Lead Vocalist • Main Rapper, Lead Dancer • Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Visual • Main Vocalist

One thing I love the most about this group is that they are one of the very rare artists who don't just live by these labels, the main vocalist of ATEEZ can give a strong competition to other K-Pop rappers and the main rapper can go full head-on with other dancers and the main dancer can hold notes flawlessly, and through multiple performances they have proved that they are indeed, all-rounders, or how it's called in K-Pop, Aces.

This group was meant for greatness from the start as their stories of how this group was formed is also very inspiring and heart-warming. The leader of the group, Hongjoong sent a mixtape to KQ Ent. Back in 2016, the company was about to shut down due to losses but they saw this 16 year old kid with his shining eyes, and talent like no other, then gave themselves a push again which lead to KQ being what it is today. Members Mingi and Yunho, who are best friends since they were little kids wished each other luck on the morning they went to audition and surprisingly, they both got selected in the same company. San, who was rejected from several auditions because his dancing wasn't good enough, is now given the title of "Idol Who Raises The Bar Of Performance". Wooyoung and Yeosang were trainees in Big Hit Ent. and due to some reason, Yeosang had to leave so Wooyoung also left Big Hit, the company which has his favourite artist BTS, left his inspiration just because he made a promise to Yeosang that they will debut together. Jongho, who was an excellent kid in every class, also joined KQ and him being a powerhouse of vocals brought him this far. Seonghwa, who was an active participant in rapping, singing and dancing; auditioned for KQ and got selected, the group was formed and everything they have achieved till today is remarkable!

This year 4/8 members of this group will be debuting as actors, and other members exploring their talents even further. 2021 will surely take them to new heights and giving them all rightfully deserving rewards. ATEEZ is having a comeback this March 1. Watch the teaser here

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