Which is your favorite- Pizza or burger?






When it comes to a fast-food meal choice, pizzas and burgers tops the list. They are the most common and one of the most favourite across the globe. They are available in different varieties and sizes to serve all kinds of taste buds and levels of appetite. People often substitute their major meals with pizzas or burgers. In a growing health-conscious world, we are always looking for healthier choices. So, let’s compare the nutrition facts of pizza and burger and find out which is a healthier choice .  2 slices of a regular crust cheese pizza has about 480 calories, whereas a regular, single patty cheese burger contains about 350 calories. Clearly both are high calorie foods but 2 slices pizza are slightly higher in calories than a regular burger. 

Nutritionally, both pizza and burger has not much to offer in terms of health to the body. Both are high in fat and sodium. These are harmful for the heart and add inches to your belly. Comparing the two, we can say that a burger is high in fat, cholesterol and sodium whereas a serving of pizza (2 slices) is calorie rich and high in carbohydrates. 

Eating burgers and pizzas on a daily basis is totally unhealthy, especially if you eat mostly one and none of the other. Even if for some reason you find yourself unable to avoid eating fast food, your best option is always alternating between all of the fast food options available.

A healthy diet is not one where pizza and burgers are never present. Eating them once a week, in the context of a rich, varied diet with lots of vegetables and fruit is totally healthy. Indeed, if your diet is healthy a weekly (once a week) fast food splurge is acceptable, sometimes even a good idea because it widens the range of foods you eat.

Also, the type of burger and pizza you eat makes a huge difference.

If this is what you think of when you think of pizza, them this is an overload of fat, salt, and even sugar.

Pizza is probably the more versatile option. You can have a nice thin crust that's lightly sauced, with just a smattering of cheese (if that) and perhaps a few vegetables. If you're looking for heartier fare, you can have a deep-dish pizza that's more like a casserole than anything else, or a pizza festooned with half-a-dozen different kinds of meat. You can dial it up to exotic extremes with toppings - radishes! artichoke hearts! banana peppers! - or something with such simple fare.

Sure, burgers can have all sorts of different toppings applied to them, too... but at the end of the day, there's going to be a patty of meat in there. Even if you skew "light" with a burger - no cheeses, no heavy sauces, a whole salad's worth of leafy greens - it's hard to get around the slug-o'-meat aspect if you're just not in the mood for something like that. It's part-and-parcel of the experience! It's just not always an experience one might be in the mood for.

Don't get me wrong: I love a good burger! There's nothing like burger-based decadence - topped with hollandaise sauce, and a fried egg, and Applewood-smoked bacon, and thick slices of cheese! - that's hard for other cuisines to replicate. But if I had to pick one or the other, day-in and day-out? I'd skew towards pizza as my universally preferred fare.


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