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Last year Taylor Swift took everyone by surprise when she announced her eighth studio album, Folklore. Unlike her previous albums, this album was a surprise release and wasn’t preceded by any press or fan service, she announced the album 16 hours prior to the release. In her instagram post, she said; I’ve poured all of my whims, dreams, fears, and musings into. I wrote and recorded this music in isolation…..the times we’re living in keep reminding me that nothing is guaranteed. My gut is telling me that if you make something you love, you should just put it out into the world.” The single “Cardigan” and album “Folklore” both debuted at #1 on billboard. This album is filled with a person’s deepest hurt, love triangle and some untold stories. The album quickly became a fan favorite and I’m sure you have atleast one song in this album that you just love so much. Below you can see what your favorite song from folklore tells you about your personality!

1.       The 1

You live in the past. You spend more than half of your day reminiscing the things that happened a long time ago in the past. You are also very intimidating in person but that’s only because you are really good at pretending and hiding your true self. You have many desires, and in your head you could be screaming but no one will be able to read your face.   

2.       Cardigan

You want to be loved by someone, the kind of love where that person literally gets on their knees for you. You also seem like the kind of person who can distinguish the real and fake apology. You also have a tendency of an attitude like “Everyone is stupid except me”.

3.       The Last Great American Dynasty

You probably live or have lived in a very controlling environment. People are often jealous of you and envy your courage and determinism because they see it as a threat that you are self-assured of yourself. You also have clarity and good understanding of who you are. Deep down, underneath all confidence, you feel miserable. You try to distract yourself from it by shopping sprees, traveling or just any materialistic thing that makes you feel better.

4.       Exile

You seem like a person who is quite traditional, and also a huge fan of the classics. You would do anything to go to a time period of decades ago and just chill, like reading at a park on a windy day and walking down the street wearing retro clothes. You also often create a lot of scenarios in your head.

5.       My Tears Ricochet

You have faced a lot of heartbreak and betrayal, the amount that now you just expect that someone will break your heart so you keep your expectations low. You don’t forgive anyone easily, neither forget; you hold grudges for all the times you were done wrong by people. You also have been through so much you almost feel like you will break but you almost never cry, you still keep your head up high.

6.       Mirrorball

You are a people pleaser (not in a negative way), but you just want everyone around you to be happy even if it means you have to sacrifice something. You enjoy being around people, and you love to help people. A  lot of the times you even contemplate if you should stop trying to help everyone but you still continue to heal people around you because you can’t see people around you being miserable or sad. You also seem like the kind of person who purposely acts stupid to make someone smile.

7.       Seven

You are a nature lover. You also have a keen eye for details in everything. One of your deepest desires is to travel around the world and leave a mark wherever you go. You want people to remember you as someone who loved everything around them.

8.       August

You are the definition of love. You also have this need of wanting to be loved by a lot of people, and especially just by ONE person who prioritizes you over everything. You always go out of your way to make sure people know they are loved and needed, hoping someone would do the same for you one day. You also love hearing compliments or when people confess their genuine feelings to you.

9.       This is me trying

You are in a constant battle with yourself. You have gotten used to the ‘bad days’ so much that now your life seems monotonous; you just wake up, do the chores you’re supposed to do and be done for the day. You deserve a hug, not the kind where you just give you one pat on a back but the kind where someone hugs you as long as you need and just be with you.

10.   Illicit Affairs

You are very secretive, the kind of secrets that you don’t want anyone to know. You also seem like you feel manipulated and being used as however a certain person pleases. You have this pent up anger in you that you want to let out, but you can’t.

11.   Invisible String

You have healed from a lot of your pain and hurt. You are someone who is filled with hope and light. You expect beautiful things from life. You believe in destiny and soulmates. You love being in love.

12.   Mad Woman

You are someone who has a lot of pent up anger and frustration in you. You also have the tendency to snap at little things. One thing you have mastered is control. You know how to handle your emotions in a given situation.

13.   Epiphany

A lot of the times you need other people to remind you that you are loved. The other person need to clearly confess that they like/love you or you spend everyday thinking that the relationship is dying. You also are someone who needs constant care and support, you are fragile and graceful.

14.   Betty

You believe in passionate love. Everyone has some kind of story of how they want their love story to play out and you want someone who will go to lengths to have you, and that theey love you to the moon and the back.

15.   Peace

You think of yourself as someone who brings trouble to everyone around you. Whether it’s your past that haunts you or your current habits that could possibly hurt someone, so you are cautious of your relationships.

16.   Hoax

At this moment, you seem confused and you have many questions that you want to ask. You are hurt by something but that thing is also very dear to you and it’s almost as if you can’t give it up. A possible situation could be a person who has hurt you so much but your love for them hasn’t downgraded even a tad. If you could, you would undo all their mistakes the other person just so you can save yourself from his hurt.

17.   The Lakes (Deluxe Track)

You want to run away from everything, this life which seems monotonous and predictable, like studying then getting a job then marriage, you want to escape it all. But you also want one person to be with you, like ride-or-die person; who you can hopelessly be romantic with. You don’t have much attachments in life but you just want this one person who will run away from all the chaos that this world is.

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