WandaVision Finale- Episode 9: Recap [Spoiler Warning]






The last episode of WandaVision series sure was a hell of a ride. All the thrill and suspense has lead to this epic episode. Several fan theories came true, while some didn’t. Either way, I believe that this how was the perfect way to set up plots of future movies of MCU.  

The episode continues with where it left off in last episode and starts with Agatha Harkness, who attempts to take Wanda's chaos magic; but is interrupted by The Vision, which is manipulated by Tyler Howard and is ordered to eliminate Wanda. distresses Wanda. He almost killed her but Wanda’s Vision comes to save her, and joins Wanda and her twins against Agatha. Both The Visions take their fight across Westview while Agatha breaks all the residents out of their character state. All of them were angry and Wanda got overwhelmed; therefore she begins to open the barrier so everyone can escape. As the barrier starts to disappear, Hayward sneaks inside Westview with multiple S.W.O.R.D. personnel.

Meanwhile, Monica Rambeau is held hostage by Wanda’s brother, Pietro Maximoff, and prevents her from leaving. Monica notices a magical necklace in his neck and removes it, turns out he isn’t Pietro, he is just a resident Ralph Bohner; which was one of the most unneeded and cringy jokes marvel made. All the while Wanda's barrier starts to disappear, her Vision and her twin sons Tommy and Billy, begin to disintegrate, due to which Wanda closes the barrier once again. We then see Wanda and her family surrounded by their enemies; Agatha, The Vision, and Tyler Hayward along with his personnels.


Both Visions fight, with Wanda’s Vision defeating The Vision by restoring his memories, and The Vision flees out of Westview. Then, Wanda leaves her twins with Tyler telling them that they can fight and goes away to fight Agatha. The twins do an impressive job, but all of a sudden Tyler shoots several bullets on the kids and thankfully, Monica arrives and saves them. Billy and Tommy also get a brief moment to show off their powers! Defenseless, Tyler tries to run away, who is then detained by Darcy Lewis.

On the other hand, Wanda makes Agatha relive her darkest memory where she was almost killed by her mother, however Agatha fights back even stronger and starts to suck out Wanda’s powers. After a while, the atmosphere becomes very intense as the sky turns red and Wanda also starts throwing her magic on Agatha. As Wanda transfers her magic, she creates magical runes around the barrier to strip Agatha of her powers and trap her inside Westview as "Agnes", becoming the Scarlet Witch in the process. Wanda then returns home and starts to eliminate the barrier slowly, she tucks her sons into bed and bids farewell to Vision as well, who reassures her that somehow they will see each other again one day since they have said goodbye before. After making peace with Monica, Wanda goes into hiding, away from everyone and Tyler gets arrested.


The show had two post-credit scenes which teased future of two different marvel projects. In the mid-credits scene, Hayward is arrested for tampering with evidence and Monica is informed by a Skrull disguised as an FBI agent that a friend of her mother, Maria, wants to meet; which possibly teases Captain Marvel 2, meant to release next year in November and us currently under production! In the post-credits scene, Wanda studies the Darkhold in her astral form until she hears her sons calling for help, indicating that they are still alive somewhere; teasing Doctor Strange In Madness Of The Multiverse!


Unlike several other fans who are disappointed by the wasted potential of Tyler Howard and X-Men’s Pietro Maximoff, I believe the show did exactly what it was meant to do; for Wanda to realize her true potential and make peace with her grief and trauma. I am also very excited to see what will happen when The Vision, whose memory was restored, meets Wanda again. I feel like the only disappointment I had was with Monica Rambeau, the show started off with showing her strengths, but by the last few episodes, she barely made any huge contribution. Either way, I still enjoyed this show a lot, and the performances by all the actors were also very commendable!


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