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It's hard to think that 1999 was 20 years ago! Time is flying, and while the '90s seem just a few years behind us -- not two decades -- that number does do a good job of reflecting the intense feeling of nostalgia that comes up every time we think of the decade that brought us baby tees and scrunchies. As we look back fondly on that decade, we can not only remember the fun fashion, the mall culture, and the boy bands. But we also get to celebrate some of our favorite television shows and movies, too!

In fact, the last of our favorite '90s movies -- like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and Bazigar-- will be celebrating their 20th birthdays this year, which means we're officially old. It also means that Kajol likely sold her soul to the devil, because she looks exactly the same, but that's for a different time.

While we lament the loss of our youth, we can celebrate by taking a trip down memory lane with some of our favorite cartoons. There's nothing that jogs our memory of a childhood well-spent more than a cartoon we loved to watch when we were kids. Whether we got up early on Saturday morning with a bowl of cereal to watch episodes of Scooby-Doo or Looney Tunes or snuck an episode of Tom and Jerry when our parents weren't home, the cartoons of the '90s are timeless!

Here are Top 10 my personal favorite cartoons:


While we were big fans of the series, we only recently realized that Lily Tomlin was the voice of Ms. Frizzle, which just makes us love it so much more. This show truly blended education and entertainment. Each episode was jam-packed with so much useful information -- about biology or Earth science -- and kids (us) hardly even knew they were learning!


Recess explored our favorite school subject!

(Ha! We kid!)

But really, everything happens during recess, and this cartoon (though fictional and animated) did a great job of capturing the precious hour after lunch where kids got a breather from authority and had time to do their own thing. The episodes are well written and are still enjoyable today!


Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have superhero powers, thanks to their dad, Professor Utonium, who attempted to create three perfect children and ended up with three bad** ones instead! They live in the city of Townsville and use their super strength and crazy fighting skills to save it from all kinds of evil..


Animated series for generations to remember,well,where has it not left a mark,we had video games,android games, what e;see do we need to prove that it still extensively popular and our all time favourite.


Fans loved Batman: The Animated Series for its darker tone that stayed true to the original comic books. Robin, Batgirl, Commissioner Gordon, and of course, the comic's most famous villains all made appearances throughout the series.Watching this cartoon gave a whole new vibe  a super hero recueing everyone from the villain The Joker with his friend Robin.


When feeling like a bad parent, just remember Dexter's parents were completely oblivious to his genius capabilities and the fact that he had a state-of-the-art science lab in his room! His older sister, Dee Dee, wasn't though and does a fantastic job of annoying her little brother as he makes scientific discoveries and goes off on amazing adventures.


Let's face it,growing up, we all wanted to be just like Richie Rich,isn't it? this magnifying rich kid and his dog Dollar managed to grab on attention every single time.Richie Rich showed us how work can be done with out man power. 


This one comes in the category of an "evergreen" show,we can ner get bored if this chase between Tom and Jerry no matter how old we are.They taught us that how many times you find but you still going to care for each other.


 "JUNGLE JUNGLE BAAT CHALI HAI" was our anthem when we were kids, we totally adored our Mowgli climbing trees and doing all those wonderful things in jungle.

                   "I HOPE YOU LOVE IT"

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