The Horrible Affair in Behind Her Eyes






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Failing to meet his best friend at a bar, Louis (Simona Brown) accidentally meets an attractive man named David (Tom Bateman) and suddenly they are involved in an exciting conversation.

David had apparently just moved from Scotland.

"No wonder your accent is unique," said Louise.

The conversation between the two adults who just met then ended with a kiss.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have," David said guiltily.

Louise was actually awkward with the situation, however, there was a flutter in her heart at the event that had just taken place. Without thinking much of the continuation, Louise chose to go home, return to meet Adam, her only son who she temporarily entrusted to a neighbor in her apartment.

Who would have thought, when he went to work the next day, he saw David in his office. Louise works at a mental health clinic. Her friend informs that that is their new boss. At that time, David (who turns out to be a psychiatrist) comes with his wife -Adele (Eve Hewson). 

In order to avoid the awkwardness, Louise hid in the toilet the week they left. Yes, it was David's introduction day and he wasn't going to work the next day.

Obviously Louise couldn't keep dodging. When they met again, the surprisingly awkward feelings between them lasted only a short time. David, who is in trouble with Adele, finds comfort in Louise. Vice versa. Louise, who has long been separated from her ex-husband, indirectly admits that David is an attractive man.

The situation becomes complicated when Louise inevitably has to familiarize herself with Adele. So, he was in the middle of this harmonious couple. He tried to dig into their thoughts and find the root of the problem so that David and Adele are not as harmonious as they used to be.

Adele helps Louise a lot in dealing with her nightmares. Yes, almost every time you sleep, Louise has nightmares, being in the hallway with deafening living walls.

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From the book owned by Rob (Robert Aramayo), Adele's friend while in a mental hospital, Louise slowly begins to control her dreams. One that he initially felt was useful even though on the other hand it also endangered him.

What's the matter with Adele and David? Every time he tried to get away from the two of them, Louise would instantly get even more attached, it was hard to escape from that complicated situation.

The affair that he did turned out to be long tails.

This is the latest Netflix series that made a scene because of the mindblowing ending so that the hashtag #WTFthatending was trending on Twitter.

Throughout watching, I was confused about who to side with. From the start Adele looked like someone who was mentally ill. However, recently there have also been suspicions that David was the one who made Adele like that, especially when David seemed to be stuffing Adele with various drugs.

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This 6-episode drama, each of which has a duration of 1 hour, has indeed led the audience slowly from the start (so that for some people it looks boring). However, that was her strength.

Half of the episode we will be invited to explore the lives of each character. So, in the last three episodes, then the surprises were given "blindly".

Knowing that this series has a unique ending, since watching it, I've thought of several alternative endings. And, "unfortunately" the ending that I thought of was not right. Just wow! Even though I saw this ending in another mini series released in Indonesia a few months earlier, I still can't imagine if that ending will be used.

The ending is indeed champion. Make you swear many times when you arrive at this section. And, without a strong story idea, Behind Her Eyes would be a tale of ordinary affairs. Hats off to the screenwriter.

So, for viewing enjoyment, I won't talk much about Behind Her Eyes because this series is more fun to watch live without knowing much about the contents of the story.

Enjoy watching!

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