The Frustation In Her






She takes the knife to the depths of her heart

To reach the pain in the deepest of parts

Her love, her life, her soul, her being lost

What she has gotten is not worth the cost

Doing everything to go back without a doubt

To being one who feels all but none out loud

She is not fixing for she is not breaking

Deserting; wonders why on pain, she’s thriving

With the rawness of a child, she smiles at the lies

Her joyous beauty hides well the pain in her eyes

Wilted inside she is too broken to shed tears

Alone she whimpers in the depths of her nightmares

She screams and prays, asking to be saved from her own thoughts

She screams and pleads, for a haven to aid her heart’s drought

She screams with no words for nobody is listening

No more does she want to live a life of mere breathing

A tortured, tormented soul her heart implodes untamed

Lost her way and will to live despite experiences gained

Mending or derailing; she can’t seem to feel the difference

The stifling pain soothes as numbness crawls through her existence

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