The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Episode 3: Recap






This week’s third episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier began with an advertisement of ‘Global Repatriation Council’ showing that the world is a different place ever since the people who were blipped came back to life, and that they are here to help. So, everyone must come together to reset, restore, and rebuild.

This cuts to new, government appointed Captain America, his army sidekick Lemar and some GRC troops raiding one of Karli’s safehouses in Munich. He questions an occupant but is turned down when asked to speak English. Walker then asks Lemar to translate, even though Rogers never needed a translator despite doing missions around the world. Not satisfied with the answers, Walker screams in disbelief at the suspect and gets spit on by him. Walker then further pushes and yells on the suspect’s face “Do you know who I am?” Then we see Lemar explaining to Walker what makes these people so loyal to Karli and The Flag Smashers. His point is valid: food, water, medicine, and shelter mean everything when one doesn’t have it. Later Walker says that he is betting on Sam and Bucky.

We see Sam and Bucky arriving to the prison where Baron Zemo is locked up. Bucky convinces Sam that he needs to go in alone to see him. Although the last time Zemo and Bucky were alone in a room, he spoke some words, and brought back the evil Winter Soldier who harmed and assaulted many! When Bucky enters Zemo’s cell, he is welcomed with Zemo chanting those some words that put Bucky in an hypnotic state but thanks to Shuri’s efforts, those days are now long gone and Bucky is unaffected. Bucky and Zemo then discuss HYDRAs possible involvement with the new super soldier serum that is out on the street. Zemo, being a step ahead like he always is, informs Bucky that he has a lead and knows where to begin. In the next scene, Sam and Bucky discuss why Zemo needs to be broken out. After a long back and forth of arguments, Bucky finally convinces Sam that he will be of great help. All the while we see how Bucky’s plan to escape Zemo from prison comes into play. Zemo takes both of them to a garage full of vintage cars and we also find out that all those cars belong to Zemo and that he is very rich. Then, the trio board Zemo’s private jet and head to an island nation known as Madripoor. Somewhere else, we see Karli mourning a loved one.

After landing in Madripoor, Sam, Bucky, and Zemo get into character. They enter ‘The Princess Bar’, where people immediately identify Bucky as the Winter Soldier and Sam is recognized as The Smiling Tiger. Zemo announces to the bartender that they are there to see someone named Selby. At first, they are denied but after a thrilling action packed scene, they are then told that Selby will speak with them. As the discussion with Selby goes on, Zemo offers Bucky to Selby in exchange for the information they need. They learn the person they are looking for is named Wilfred Nagel. However, Sam’s sister calls which ends up blowing their cover. In the confusion, Selby is shot and killed by a sniper. The sniper turns out to be no one other than ‘Agent 13’, or how most people know her as, Sharon Carter, who we last saw in Captain America: Civil War. Sharon says that ever since she helped Rogers escape, she was branded as an “Enemy of the State”; she also says that she didn’t have Avengers to back her up so she relocated to Madripoor. At first, Sharon is reluctant to help Sam and Bucky find the super soldier serums as Nagel works for the Power Broker, but eventually she agrees to help, setting up a party scene before eventually getting the location of Nagel. The next morning they find Nagel in a laboratory made from a shipping container. After being threatened, he blurts out the truth of how and why these serums were made. He says that he was hired by HYDRA, then the CIA to recreate the serum. He used the blood samples taken from Isaiah during his prison sentence to recreate the serum. He goes on to say that his serum had been not only perfected, but streamlined, optimized. There would be no more jacked bodies, like Steve Rogers and Isaiah Bradley because his serum was perfect. No one knew about this because the Doctor turned to dust while working on his project and the project was thrown away. Upon his return, the Power Broker funded the Doctor’s recreation of the serum which was then stolen by Karli. All of a sudden Zemo shots him. As the doctor tells them everything, Sharon was outside to make sure they aren’t bothered during the confrontation by the bounty hunters because Selby was killed last night. She singlehandedly takes out 8 bounty hunters before sneaking into the lab with the guys. After an exciting scene full of bullets and blasts, all heroes escape the shipyard and say goodbye to Sharon.


We then see Karli who is broken by the death of Mama Donya. Determined, Karli pledges that she will help all the people who were thrown away like some extra goods to die on the streets. Soon after, Walker and Lemar are seen leaving the prison from where Zemo escaped after inquiring about Bucky and Sam’s visit. Cap tells Battle-axe his theory that Sam and Bucky probably helped break Zemo because they needed a lead. Walker then says that nobody will care about how the job gets done, only thing that matters is that the mission is done with .

On the flight from Madripoor, Sam reflects on a few things that have been bothering him. Knowing how she has served her country he thinks about how Sharon has been treated. Then shifts to considering all the lives that have been negatively impacted by the shield. He wishes he had destroyed the shield. Bucky reminds Sam the shield has saved lives and is a symbol of hope to many people, then pledges to take the shield for himself. They then receive information that alters their course to Latvia. Finally, Zemo, Sam, and Bucky arrive in Riga. As they enter Zemo’s safehouse, Bucky says he is going to take a walk and follows some trails in the street. Tracking what appear to be little beeping balls, Bucky walks into an alley. Looking around he is confronted by Ayo of the Dora Milaje (bodyguards for the King of Wakanda), who says she is there for Zemo.

The episode was the best till now as things started to really pick up the pace. Just like always, Marvel showed everything in this episode they are best known for- cinematography, emotional weight in characters, action and subtle humor.


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