The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Episode 1: Recap + Review






Soon after the premiere of immensely talked about show “WandaVision”, Marvel has now kick-started another anticipated show “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier”. Unlike WandaVision, this show’s first episode was over 40 minutes long and…not as weird. This show centers Sam Wilson, who is also known as The Falcon. In 2019’s Avengers End Game, Steve Rogers had given his shield, and basically passed the mantle of ‘Captain America’ to Sam, and this show is basically about the after events. The first episode is titled “New World Order” and the episode perfectly lays all the ground work for the epic events that are about to follow. With new characters coming into the big picture, and some returning; it’s going to be one hell of a ride!


The episode starts with Sam trying to rescue Air Force Captain Vasant Batroc, as a terrorist group LAF hijacked the plane he was in. The action-packed scene is quite a treat for the fans who missed it in WandaVision, and is definitely reminiscent of 2013’s Captain America And The Winter Soldier’s kicks and booms. Through some help from lieutenant Joaquin Torres, Sam was able to rescue Captain Vasant before they crossed the border and entered Libya; otherwise this would’ve become a matter of international grounds. Later, Torres and Sam engage in a conversation on the ground where Torres tells Sam about another terrorist group that has appeared, called the Flag-Smashers, and they believe that life was better during the Blip.


Sam then flies to Washington, D.C., where he gives away Captain America’s shield to the U.S. government so it is displayed in a museum about Steve Rogers. James “Rhodey” Rhodes also makes an appearance and in a brief conversation Sam explains that the shield still belongs to Steve.


Meanwhile, Bucky Barnes, also called The Winter Soldier, is in New York City and attending a government-mandated therapy sessions. He fails to open up to his therapist, however in his head, he plans to make amends for all the wrongs he did when he was a brainwashed assassin. He has lunch with an old man, Yori, who convinces Barnes to go on a date with waitress Leah. Both Yori and Leah discuss how Yori's son RJ was killed with no explanation. Bucky knows that he killed RJ as the Winter Soldier, but he cannot bring himself to reveal this. We also see that he has also been ignoring text messages from Sam. In the meantime Sam is busy in catching up with his sister, Torres investigates the Flag-Smashers and sees a bank robbery in Switzerland perpetrated by a group member with superhuman strength. Torres confronts him but is knocked unconscious. He later informs Sam about everything that happened and even shows the video recording of the robbery and how he was knocked unconscious.


In Louisiana, Sam’s sister Sarah is introduced who is struggling to keep the family’s fishing business afloat. Sam offers to use his status as a famous superhero to help his sister get a loan, however they are turned down due to their poor profits of business and Sam’s lack of income during the last 5 years of the Blip; even though he was one of the people who was wiped from existence. This scene has more depth than what it shows on surface. Marvel has been clear with the fact that racism is a topic that will be talked about through this show, and Sam was denied loan despite him being a famous figure; and the fact that he will have to “prove” that he deserves to be called “Captain America” meanwhile we later see in the episode that U.S. government has already chosen a man, who is also white, and announced him as the new symbol of hope, and gave him Captain America’s shield as well. It’s also important to note that the scene where Sam gives up the shield in the museum, he is told by government officials that he did the right thing by giving up the shield and that no one will be able to replace Steve, but then a random white man was chosen to be the new Captain America; there is no other explanation than the racist undertones of this situation.  


It won’t be an exaggeration to say that “The Falcon And The Winter Soldier” is going to be one of the most important projects of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series will be a 6-episodes long event and I can’t wait to see this incredible cast further showing us the depths of their respective characters.


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