Taylor Swift's Music Videos That Are No Less Than A Movie






Out of many other things, Taylor Swift's cinematography and plots of music videos are something that are adored by many. From heart-warming stories to beautiful shots, her music videos are truly an experience. She has several high budget music videos and ones with easter eggs and sarcasm at times, however my favourites are the ones which are very simple and usually have a clear storyline in the video. Here are some of my favourite music videos by Taylor Swift that almost feel like they could be a movie!


Teardrops On My Guitar was released in 2007 and is one of her oldest music videos. The music video is an accurate portrayal of the song lyrics where Taylor likes his friend named "Drew" but he loves someone else. The music video is set in a high school, just like how this situation happened in Taylor's life when she was in high school. The bits of her laughing with Drew in library as the teacher tells them to be quiet and the shot being transitioned to her lying in her bedroom, as her teardrops fall on her guitar. 


Again set in a high school, the essence of You Belong With Me lies in it's bright nature. Compared to Teardrops On My Guitar, this music video has a happy ending. The relevance of this music video can be seen even now with that scene where Taylor and the guy talk to each other they writing in notebook in large letters as they are often use in memes on social media. What I love in this music video is the second girl being Taylor herself but with a wig of black hair. It's quite a light and playful video and the 1 billion views surely are the proof of that. 


This is actually my favorite music video out of all Taylor Swift music videos out there, probably because it's one of my favourite songs of all time. The calmness of the song plus the beautiful shots of Taylor riding a bicycle on a day in Paris, her wearing a simple and elegant gown on the top of a shelter as the city of Paris looks gorgeous behind her too. The bits of her reminiscing her failed love and now feeling satisfied over her new love, she certainly is a good actor too. 


The intro and outro of this music video has to be the best parts of this video. The eerie strings and the haunting words as Taylor narrates the story is so compelling. Even before the story moves forward, the way it's shot and narrated and the solemn music just gives you the vibes that it won't end well. 


Wildest Dreams is an another favourite music video of mine. Here, Taylor is an actress who has an affair with her co-star. The breath-taking shots of the hills and sky give you a sense of relief. Once again showing her great acting skills, Taylor does put on quite an act. 


Babe is a song by Sugarland where Taylor is featured. This music video debunks that myth that a woman is a homewrecker when a man cheats on his wife; and that only the person who cheats should be held accountable. In the music video, we see the main guy character keeping it cool with his wife and his colleague, as both of them suffer and neither of them are truly happy. 

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