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Taylor Swift has made herself a household name worldwide. All credit goes to her artistic mind and lyrical masterpieces. Every musician tells a story through their music but it's only Taylor Swift who paints a picture so perfect in your head, it's almost as if you live in every single one of her songs. From describing the weather of the scene to the color of dress she is wearing, and using complex literary devices; she has successfully made a place for herself in one of most successful artists of ALL TIME! She started out as a country singer and till now, she has swiftly shifted genres and hasn't hesitated to go out of her comfort zone to explore more of her musical talent. She has released 9 albums and all of them have a peculiar thing about them. She has shown immense versatility where every track holds certain power and even though it was hard, I have ranked all of Taylor Swift's album!


Best Songs: August, Seven, Hoax, Mad Woman, The Lakes

I have been a Taylor Swift fan since 2014 and I always wondered how heavenly Taylor will sound on alternative-india kind of tracks and this album proves there's nothing she can't do. This album is a compilation of songs that tells stories channeling  escapism, nostalgia, loneliness, and introspection, all the while perfectly exuding that folk-cottagecore kind of aesthetic. This album is generally described as alternative-rock, indie-folk and electro-folk, and avoids the upbeat pop sounds. The album shines the most out of all her albums, as every single song of this album holds immense replay value and the consistent emotional weight while also balancing it out with its relaxed atmospheric sounds. 


Best Songs: Dancing with our hands tied, Getaway Car, I Did Something Bad, Call it what you want

This album definitely holds the most special place in my heart. This album is a product of all the defamatory claims made against her in the public eye and what Taylor went through in 2016, it was way outside the boundaries of "criticism". After that she disappeared from the public eye and released this album after long wait from her fans. What I love so much about this album is how overlooked its artistry is, with lyrics of longing and hurt, and the upbeat sound capturing the loudness one feels in their head while going through that course of emotions. The album takes you on a ride with the start of "...ready for it" and later on Swift reclaiming her villainous side (I did something bad) that media so desperately painted. The album sorrounds around 2 major themes; being affected by excessive scrutiny from press and finding true love amidst all the trouble. This album is a product of her revamped state of mind while also being true to her inner self, with even sharper and more filtered vocals, composition and lyricism. 



Best Songs: Tolerate it, Willow, Champagne Problems, Cowboy Like Me, Ivy

Evermore is the thematic sequel of its predecessor album "Folklore". Unlike Folklore's romantic teenage love stories and introspective nature, Evermore is more bold and dark. It ventures even deeper inside the fictional world imagined in Folklore, and more confessional in tone. Following the themes of forbidden love, romantic neglect, forgiveness,  marriage, infidelity, and revolving around a diverse set of characters, Taylor brings in light the darkest and most complex human emotions with precision. This album is so complex that by the time you're halfway through the album it already feels so overwhelming, making the album almost feel like its a "unhappily forever after".

4. 1989

Best Songs: Blank Space, Style, Wildest Dreams, I Know Places, New Romantics

1989 is Taylor's THE most successful album. It would be really unfair if I didn't put it in the top 5 of her best works. Now, just because it is immensely popular doesn't mean it lacks quality. This album is undoubtedly Taylor's defining moment of her career. First of all the title of the album itself, 1989, which is  her birth year and its symbolic for rebirth of her image and artistry as she had switched genres, from country to mainstream pop with this release. Indeed, this album is pop perfection. Even the lyrics, you probably saw it everywhere back in 2014 "Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream". Her impact is truly undeniable. The songs on 1989 are lighthearted and sarcastic expressions of failed love. The album even offers heartfelt and emotional engagement which is often rare to see in mainstream pop. 

5. RED

Best Songs: State of Grace, All Too Well, 22, The Last Time, Begin Again.

This album is a genre-blending album as she explored with several genres like rock, pop, electro-pop and folk. This album made it clear long ago that Taylor will always prioritise her storytelling first, and composition later; and truly, Taylor's biggest strength is her lyricism. Swift explained her diverse musical styles of this album as a "metaphor for how messy a real breakup is" and described it as her "only true breakup album". The emotions of intense love, frustration, jealousy and confusion in young love.  The lyrics delve into these feelings displaying a full range of emotional intense. This is indeed her one of the most emotional albums but this album lacks in production considerable amount of times. The tracks even feel repetitive and some could've been cut from the final track-listing and it wouldn't make much of a difference as some tracks are just there to increase the quantity and don't feel that strong, compared to the standard she has built up for herself and other artists. 

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