Have you watched Mismatched?






If you're looking to unwind during the weekend with a light-hearted show, mismatched is for you.  It is a binge-able show with 6 short episodes on Netflix.

Overview :

Mismatched follows the story of Dimple , who wants to create apps and become a tech-mogul and Rishi, who is looking for his happily ever after . After being set-up by their families, these two teenagers strike up a tentative friendship at their summer programme.

It is based on Sandhya Menon's book When Dimple Met Rishi and is the acting debut of Prajakata Koli , Youtube's MostlySane.


Personal experience :

The trailer was not very impressive and left me feeling skeptical. But I decided to watch it owing to the fact that Prajakta Koli was in it and the series was just around 3 hours. It started off as any other rom-com, with our protagonists having a disastrous first meet. Not giving too much away, I predicted the last scene of the series two episodes before the finale.

 Rishi was the perfectly charming, respectable guy. Dimple on the other hand was the feisty brainiac.  

The supporting cast was actually amazing. Even though not given a lot of screen time, all the actors played their roles with utmost dedication. From the witty professor to the crippled ego-maniac. 

Rishi and dimple left me smiling.  But dimple's character can be off-putting since she shows no basic empathy. And I'd be mad at someone if they pretended to not have a car like Rishi. Most characters seemed a little too 2-dimensional on paper, but maybe it will be explored more in the next season (if)

The climax of the finale (not the last scene) felt clever, though it was not unexpected. I was absolutely okay with what went down because it was not like other rom-coms where your call is intercepted by someone else leading to miscommunication.


Highlights :

It's nice to see an Indian series of this genre. It'll bring a smile into your lives.

 Navigating relationships, personal issues, trying to fit into social circles of college where everyone is faking it and trying to make the best app in your class - we see it all.   

The biggest highlight would be for the Prateek kuhad fans , his new song "Kahaan ho Tum".  

 Watch it for Rannvijay Singha (Sid sir and Vidya Malvade.( Zeenat).  And yar Rohit Saraf ( rishi) is so adorable!

The rest of the cast are also gems. Muskkaan Jaferi as Celina ( Dimple's roommate)  Devyani Shorey as Namrata ( Rishi's best friend) Kritika Bharadwaj as Simran (the social media influencer)  Vihaan Samat as Harsh ( an NRI stuck in India) and Taaruk Raina as Anmol ( the rude gamer) - all classmates in the summer course at jaipur 

Each episode has a different narrator and we see the striking contrasts between each character. All of dimple's classmates are like rare specimens in a zoo. I'd imagine the aim was to show diversity and different types of people coming together in a college environment.  

There are weak plot points but watch it for entertainment because it is a feel-good rom-com. And the appreciable effort by the whole cast to give viewers something fresh and fun.


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