Lyrics All Women Can Relate To From Little Mix's "LM5"






British Girl-Group Little Mix’s 2018 release “LM5” is their strongest body of work till date. Ever since the news of departure of member- Jesy Nelson broke in media; fans have been distraught. Little Mix has been active since 2011 and with every release their further cemented their position in music industry not just as artists, but as a group of strong women who inspire thousands of young girls around the world, including me. Throughout their discography they have preached with the strong message of self-love and confidence women need and often, lack; due to patriarchal society. Their 5th studio album “LM5” is no exception. With much more mature sound, leaving behind the mainstream pop-formulae, they experiment with more genres through acoustic and EDM tracks. Here are some of empowering lyrics by Little Mix from “LM5”; 

1. She is a bad bitch, made up of magic.

2. I was born without a zip on my mouth.

3. Could you fall for a woman like me?

4. Take off all my makeup

    ‘Cause I love what’s under it

5. Sexiest when I’m confident.

6. I’m a woman, don’t test me.

7. I make myself feel sexy.

8. Fan of myself, I’m stanning myself.

9. “Oh you on that feminist tip?” Hell yeah I am!

10. Make way for the G-O- Double D- E-S-S

11. I’ll be there for my girl always, she mean the whole world to me.

12. ‘Cause in my eyes all I’m seeing is a queen.

13. He’s never gonna love you like we do.

14. I’ve got wine and make-up wipes, I’ll hold you.

15. Darling you’re better than someone who lies and cheats to set the scene.

16. Love to hate me, praise me, shame me, either way you talk about me.

17. The shit the papers write about me, I fold it up like origami.

18. All the ugly things you say, come and say ‘em to my face.

19. You’ll never get into me, all these words run through me.

20. I made my peace with all the sorrow and now I’m livin’ for tomorrow.

21. I was a little bit lost, but I’m not anymore

      I was a little bit hurt, but I’m not anymore

      I was a little left out, but I’m not anymore

      ‘Cause the tears fell down, but they don’t anymore.

22. This happiness was always inside me but lord it took a minute to find me.

23.  I’m a girl with a new face, and a life that’s been changed.

24. She’s overworked and underpaid, just ‘cause the way her body’s made. Ain’t that insane?

25. If you never been told how you gotta be,

      What you gotta wear, how you gotta speak,

      If you never shouted to be heard,

      You ain’t lived in a woman’s world.


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