How the K-Pop Girl Group- BLACKPINK took the world by storm






BLACKPINK is a Korean girl group, consisting of 4 members- Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa. Debuted in 2016 with two songs "Whistle" and "Boombayah", the girl group has been making waves since day 1. The girl group named themselves BLACKPINK as women are often seen as vulnerable or soft, but the girls wanted to show the world that women can also be intense and confident. BLACKPINK also has one of the most passionate fans, called BLINKS. The name BLINK is a combination of the group's name. The girls collectively decided this name as they said that BLACKPINK's world starts and ends with their fans, BLINKS. Their recent musical release, which was also their debut album, called THE ALBUM, was an instant hit on digital platforms and also sold over 1 Million Physical Copies. They have set the record of "Most Viewed MV in 24 Hours" 3 times! With every musical release, they have set several records by their name. From brand endorsements to Guinness Book of World Records, they have done it all. As of January 2021, they have 56 Million+ subscribers on YouTube, which made them the most subscribed female artist & 2nd most subscribed artist on the platform. Let's take a closer look on how this girl group started a revolution!

Despite being a 4 year old group, BLACKPINK has limited amount of songs with a total of 23 songs as of now, the group has gained immense success and rightfully so. Their music speaks to a lot of young women. With heavy bass and vulnerable yet confident and sassy lyrics, the group has won hearts all around the world. As someone who is also influenced by their music, these girls have everything you look for in any musician. There are different layers to what BLACKPINK music is to me, but if I had to make it short, I would say women empowerment. The way BLACKPINK shows such power and confidence, but it's not even just their songs but also how they carry themselves. BLACKPINK's concept is powerful and intense, which I really admire because as a woman I always get told to be smarter and the better person in the room but then you have these girls telling you "girls wanna have some fun, we go dumb dumb dumb". Ever since I found BLACKPINK, I have become a whole another person, they made me embrace my sexuality, love myself more, be comfortable and confident with who I am. You can give a beat and some lyrics to sing to anyone, but they still won't be like BLACKPINK. What makes BLACKPINK stand out is their personalities, powerful songs, talent and their natural charms. They have done many covers and they always sing that song like it was their own. Their cover of "So Hot", originally by Wonder Girls, is loved immensely among K-Pop fans. You don't expect an artist to put such effort in a cover that they rewrite some lyrics to fit their narrative and experiences and also change some compositions of the song and new choreography, but BLACKPINK does it. 

The girl group is also the epitome of teamwork and has a bond like no other. They have known each other since over a decade now and stuck with each other through thick and thin. Currently, music industry is one of the most saturated ones, many artists come and go, but these girls have started from the bottom and now they are one of the biggest and acts in the world. Despite reaching such heights in South Korea and other countries like US, UK, Japan etc, the girls are always so humble and stay true to their passion for music.  

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