College life and Video games!






College life, the most auspicious time of our lives, the most memorable times of our lives, but still many think that their experience was not so good. College life gives us a taste of freedom and helps us explore. People go through changes in their lives, shape their personalities, and find true friends and sometimes even partners in their college lives!

 College life is similar to a video game store, where everyone can have their medium of fun be it PlayStation, Xbox, PC gaming, or mobile gaming similar to academics, sports, event management or just bunking lectures and messing up attendance. In a video game store, people buy video game consoles and then move on to buy the genre of their favorite games.
In favorite games, people look for arcade, multiplayer, or just popular games, and in college life, people choose what they want to do, if someone is a topper in academics and has a clear idea of what he wants to do in life, then that person walks in the store and purchases the most popular game, and aims to be a professional gamer, similarly, there are people like me, who have no idea what to do, we generally stick to multiplayer games and hope, that we would win this game together. And there are couples, who are sometimes disgustingly in love, and we all know what they play, they play tag-team games and fantasy games.
Some people are always into extracurricular activities, these are the people who are salesmen in the video game store, they are nice to talk to and they always suggest something interesting. There is also a common enemy of all the players, EXAMS! PROFESSORS! And most importantly, VIVAS! These are three things students want to avoid at all costs. Exams and vivas are the main boss at any level to clear the game, and professors are like their sidekicks.
Many would say, school life was better than college life, but I would argue, school life wasn’t great it was those friends that made school life fun and college life is like an upgrade to the school life where, if you find suitable teammates, you can have experiences which are way better and awesome than school life ever could offer. College life is like Super Mario, no matter how much you struggled while playing it, it was and is fun to play!

-Submitted by Yash Chandak, via CollegeTime

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