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In 2019, Marvel Studios released its first female led superhero movie- Captain Marvel. Despite getting review-bombed on Rotten Tomatoes and receiving baseless backlash, the movie managed to have the 6th biggest worldwide opening of ALL TIME & also grossed $1 Billion+ worldwide, becoming the first female-led superhero movie to do so!

Let’s delve into the “controversies” of Captain Marvel from the start. The very first Captain Marvel hate train started when the first teaser-trailer of the movie was released in September 2018. That barely 2 minute long trailer had many incels throwing tantrums over how this movie is an agenda. The scene where Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) punched an old lady seemed to create a lot of backlash from a certain audience where it was being said that Carol is a rude and mean person as she punched an old lady. This allegation was just mindless as first, it’s a trailer and back then, nobody knew the backstory of that incident. Many fans even assumed that the old lady character must have been a skrull, which was then proven right as in that scene, a skrull did shapeshift into an old lady as they were trying to run away from Captain Marvel.

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In the same trailer, another bit was this transition from “HER” to “HERO”. Another dull-witted attempt to associate an agenda to a movie which it did not propagate. As a woman myself, and I know a lot of other women whose heart did skip a beat when they saw that transition.

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Along with the trailer of the movie, posters of the movie were also revealed and again, many people complained that Brie Larson (actress who played the role of Captain Marvel) had terrible acting skills and she failed to convey emotions, which is usually the heart of every MCU movie. In the trailer, it was clear that MCU will follow the comic-storyline of the character where she is brainwashed and loses her memories of past. The intention was for Carol to not show much emotions. And if we do look at things, Bucky Barnes, widely known as The Winter Soldier, also the hot-and-hunky superhero that everyone loves also was brainwashed and the actor was praised for “showing no emotions” but how come a critically-acclaimed actress who had won Oscar, Golden Globe and many other honorary awards; was being doubted for her acting? Funnily enough, Brie Larson herself responded to trolls who said that “Captain Marvel needs to smile more” through this series of edited MCU movie posters where Iron Man, Captain America & Doctor Strange had a wide smile on their face. This post was just as odd as the baseless things being said about the character and the actress herself.

Photograph: Instagram // brielarson IG story

With just one small sneak peek of the movie, it already became one of the most talked about movies; and even after 2 years of release Captain Marvel have remained one of the most-talked about movies of MCU. After the trailer, there were a lot more things, like the deleted scene of the movie where Carol got cat-called by a guy on street and Carol offers him a handshake but then demonstrates her iron grip & gives him an ultimatum that he needs to give up his bike or he loses his hand. This scene was just like the scene from Terminator Franchise where the main character also did the same to a stranger and this scene is one of the most memorable scenes for a lot of people but when a female character did it, it was painted as man-hating. Captain Marvel’s character and Brie Larson herself has been painted by a lot of men as an epitome of “feminazi” or “man-hater”. There are LAYERS to how irrelevant all of this “controversy” is. 

First, I’ll admit that I have been keeping up with every MCU Captain Marvel news since even before the trailer was released, and YES, Captain Marvel was made for a certain audience in mind. And what even is wrong with that? I am a 21 year old woman who never had any female superheroes to look up to who defied gravity or tapped into their potential as the strongest or smartest beings. It was always a man, who I didn’t feel any personal connection to because it is a universal truth that no man will understand the little struggles women face every day. And Captain Marvel was very much needed for me, my fellow women and the little girls growing in the shadows of Thor or Doctor Strange as the strongest avenger.

Another claim for disliking of Captain Marvel that makes rounds on the internet is; “Captain Marvel is over-powered” and so what if she is? If Superman can fly so fast that he reverses time, why can’t Captain Marvel blow up spaceships and orbit around the planets? Why does this happen that a woman is always held up to a standard where she has to prove herself? Why does every female character gets  criticized for the one time she messed up and why isn’t she given the same chances to redeem herself the way Iron Man got?

Photograph: Marvel Studios

As of this moment, I know I can speak on behalf of a lot of other women that Captain Marvel did empower us. Even to this day, I still remember March 8, 2018; when I sat in the theater with my mouth wide open, eyes sparkling with hope and inspiration as tears fall down my face, seeing another woman breaking through the shackles of “you aren’t enough” “give it up” “control yourself”; it was truly a moment for me. I left the theater feeling invincible, all of a sudden none of my problems felt bigger than me and my capabilities. For the first time, I embraced my womanhood and didn’t feel guilty just for wanting better things for myself because I do deserve the best things in life and I don’t need to prove it to anyone. Every single one of the woman does and we need more movies like Captain Marvel as we live in a patriarchal society and women need to be made confident in their abilities. We need more women in spotlight who are unapologetic and embrace themselves.


 Photograph: Marvel Studios



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