Camila Cabello Quotes That Will Truly Warm Your Heart!






Camila Cabello has become a worldwide phenomenon since her X-Factor Days. From gaining several hits in the group "Fifth Harmony", and then kick-starting a solo career, she has come a long way. By giving the world several summer hits like "Havana", "My Oh My" and "Senorita", her impact in music industry just can't be ignored. Not just this, she has penned most of her songs in her discography with a range of heartfelt words, to confident lyrics, with a bit of sassy ofcourse! From such a young age, she has shown how beautiful her mind is through her articulate words. Here are some of my favourite quotes of Camila Cabello that will warm your heart! 

1. "Take a deep breath, listen to your favorite song and realize everything is gonna be okay, nothing is permanent."

2. "There's no freedom like the freedom that comes from accepting yourself."

3. "It's okay not to be perfect. Your imperfections are what make you YOU. And at the end of the day, people like real people, flaws and all. At least I do."

4. "At the end of the day nobody's perfect and everybody's weird whether they embrace it or not."

5. "I think it's really important to love yourself. Because I feel like a lot of the time, especially right now, I've noticed that insecurity is something that's so common that it's not glorified but like romanticized. And it shouldn't be because at the end of the day you have to live with yourself and be happy with who you are. If not, then you're not going to be a happy individual and whatever people say will get to you. So you have to know who you are and like it that way."

6. "These are the moments. These are the moments where you realize love is everywhere if you look closely. When you realize happiness isn't next weekend, and it's not last week, it's right now." 

7. "Not caring what people think about you is so much easier said than done and I think that it's easy to be in school and kind of compare yourself to everybody else, you might think that you're weird because some people don't like you or because you just dont feel like you belong in your own skin in your school and I think that it's important to realize that there's absolutely nothing wrong with you you're worth so much. As time progresses you'll see that and you have to learn to love yourself and accept yourself because its your skin."

8. "I feel like there are instances and circumstances in your life that always change. You can think someone's your friend, and it could be out of convenience, or there was something in it for them, or whatever. And a year later, something happens and you really need help, or all of a sudden they have to stand up for you, and it could be inconvenient for them or not benefit them. And they don't have your back. And you're like, "Ok, that friendship was circumstantial. You were only my friend when it was easy." What's hard is you can't tell from the beginning."

9. "I think "i miss you" means even more than "i love you". because you can love a lot of people but there are really just a few you can miss."

10. "Any freedom like freedom that comes from accepting oneself."

11. "This is not correct. Your flaws are what makes you. And at the end of the day, people like real people, flaws and all. At least I do."

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