Camila Cabello Lyrics that you can use as your Instagram Captions






Camila Cabello has come a long way since her X-Factor Days to being a part of one of the most popular girl group, Fifth Harmony. Even when she was in the band, she always shined with her sweet and sharp vocals along with her natural charm. Her solo songs like Havana, Bad Things, Never be the same and many more, became instant hits worldwide and she easily became one of the most talented musicians of this generation. One of the most beautiful things about Camila is her passion for music, and her stories she conveys through her songs. Below I have compiled some of her best lyrics she wrote, that you can indeed use as your captions under your posts!

1. I'm a sucker for the way that you move, babe

2. He said "Stop playing it safe, girl, I wanna see you lose control"

3. I thank God and my lucky stars

4. Half of my heart is in Havana

5. Doin' forever in a minute

6. This paper town has let me down too many times

7. Can I run away to somewhere beautiful where nobody knows my name?

8. Let the music lift you up like you've never been this free

9. Let the beat carry, your tears as they fall baby

10. All I do the whole day through is dream of you

11. Sapphire moonlight, tequila sunrise

12. What a divine moment

13. Now that you have me, do you want me still?

14. Who are you in the dark? 

15. She loves control

16. Okay yeah I'm insane, but you're the same

17. I'm cut like a diamond

18. Sitting on my throne

19. Don't wake up, this love is like a dream

20. No reason to stay is a good reason to go

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