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One of the many things Blackpink is known for is their cinematic music videos. The heavy bass and powerful beats in songs are often hard to complement with suitable visuals however with Blackpink, you always know you won’t be disappointed when it comes to the visuals. The high budget of their music videos and the motto of ‘no green screen’ stays consistent with their vibrant and impactful songs. From delivering breath-taking visuals to metaphorical scenes, the music videos always give an experience that is hard to see in other artists. Here are Blackpink’s best music videos, handpicked by me!


The music video of 2019’s hit ‘Kill This Love’ truly is their best music video. From aesthetically pleasing shots to scenes that literally look like they were taken from a k-drama. The music video starts with Jennie on two giant black and white swans who are put in a way that it is shaped like a heart and Jennie sits pretty on the top with a replica of a real heart with shiny diamonds on it. The scene then transitions to Lisa’s verse as she kicks it off with her iconic line “Here I come kickin’ the door” as she literally enters by kicking the door. We see her in a place which looks like a grocery store which has cereals of “love”. Just when you think it wouldn’t get any better, the visual of the group, Jisoo shows up on screen with a huge accessory on her head as most of her body is underwater. With lyrics “look at you, look at me, who will be in more pain?”, she delivers the lines with her magnetic visuals. The scene is then transitioned to the 4th member of the group, Rosé showcases a more vulnerable scene where she is trying to kill her own self. Several fans have made theories that in this scene, rose is trying to kill her past self who is falling in love so she can avoid the future where she was hurt by love. Next up the chorus starts, and the girl group makes gun moves through the choreography as the building around them is breaking and falls slowly behind them; which makes it all look so cool.

Photograph: Jisoo in Kill This Love Music Video // YouTube

Kill This Love is number 1 for this exact reason because we haven’t even went after the first chorus, yet the music video has so many interpretations and depth to it. Later in the music video we see even more several new shots. Another personal favorite is Jisoo’s shot in her second verse as she tries to kill herself, which gives of very eery vibe, and obviously, Jisoo shines the most as her incredible acting skills also shows here. Another favorite is the set in second chorus where the group is standing inside a heart, but also it has pointy figures on the outline; which is a metaphor for “love is a trap” and it stays true with the theme of this song.

Photograph: Kill This Love Music Video // YouTube

Lastly, we see marching bands which just takes the hype to whole another level as the girls dance in matching outfits like real professionals. The music video has currently 1.2 Billion views on YouTube so it is not an understatement to say that this music video is an experience like no other.    


Another hit song by Blackpink called “How You Like That”, released last year in June after long anticipation from fans and it truly did not disappoint. Staying true to their core of their bad-ass style, the music video showed a little vulnerable side; the theme of getting out of a dark place and shining. Even though at surface this music video may not look like it has much depth but this music video has symbolisms of Greek Mythology. The music video starts with the iconic "Blackpink in your area" with a solemn music. We see Lisa coming down the stairs and 'Nike Of Samothrace' is seen behind her. It's a marbel sculpture of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. It represents the truimph of Blackpink over all the hard times. We then see Jennie lying on a rock in the very deep bottom with a diamond teardrop on her eyes.

Photograph: Jennie in How You Like That Music Video // YouTube

In next scene, we see jisoo sitting on a wall that is pierced and she takes off a flower covered blindfold off of her eyes; there's also light behind that wall. This hints that something terrible had happened and even after all the suffering, the light awaits her. Next up in scene of Rosé, she is seen to be in a pit where she's covered in dirt and above her there's a way to be out, which also takes her out of light.

Photograph: Rosé in How You Like That Music Video // YouTube

In Lisa's scene, she is seen walking in an Arab market where she eats an apple. In Aladdin (there's also a magic lamp in the music video) and the apple probably refers to the forbidden apple and Lisa takes a bite from it which means that nothing is out of her reach anymore and nothing will limit her.

Photograph: Lisa in How You Like That Music Video // YouTube

This music video is one of the most fastest gaining views on YouTube and as of now it has over 800 Million Views. 


‘Ddu-Du Ddu-Du’ was released in 2018 and I think it’s safe to say that this song was responsible for making a mark of Blackpink in the music industry. This was the group’s first music video which held the record of ‘Most Viewed Music Video on YouTube’ in 2018. Even after 3 years of release, this video remains one of my favorites because of the alluring charms and bad-ass persona this song created of Blackpink in my head. The song is about embracing and taking pride in oneself, and removing everyone from your life who tries to put you down. The music video starts with Jennie sitting on a huge chess board, making it clear that it’s her game. The highlight of this scene is when her eye color changes as she makes a move on the chess board while looking straight into the camera.

Photograph: Jennie in Ddu-Du Ddu-Du Music Video // YouTube

Then we see Lisa sitting infront of a blackboard with a Blackpink lighstick as she looks gorgeous in an all-pink suit. We also see her robbing a bank and with a sword with Blackpink written on it.

Photograph: Lisa in Ddu-Du Ddu-Du Music Video // YouTube

Then we see Rosé standing on a pedestal as she looks at her idealise self, which is a metaphor that she is aware of how she presents herself to the world and she is always in control.

Photograph: Rosé in Ddu-Du Ddu-Du Music Video // YouTube

In the next scene, we see Jisoo standing under an umbrella wearing n all-black outfit as sparks fall on her and she is looking straight into the camera with her alluring eyes singing “Go ahead and test me”. My favorite Jisoo scene in the music video was the one where she does a walk infront of her huge painting. When she is walking everyone around her is taking pictures of her but the moment she falls, the same mobile phones turn into guns pointing at her. This is a metaphor of how a lot of people keep up with group’s every activity just to wait for them to mess up at some point so they can crucify them for a mistake.

Photograph: Jisoo in Ddu-Du Ddu-Du Music Video // YouTube

We see many other shots like Jennie on a bedazzling tank as she serves her best rap verse, and another favorite in when the beat drops one last time in the bridge. The visuals with complementary choreography will just make you speechless. The music video of ‘Ddu Du Ddu Du’ is the most viewed video on Blackpink’s YouTube channel as of this moment with a whopping 1.5 Billion views. This is also the most viewed music video by a K-Pop group on the platform.

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