The much-awaited debut album of BLACKPINK titled “THE ALBUM” is one-of-a-kind. Not just talking about the excellent production on each track but even the lyrics take you to a roller coaster of emotions. From reminding you to love yourself to taking a look back on the days when nothing seems good enough, BLACKPINK has done it all. I mean what else can you expect from BLACKPINK other than bangers and the catchy lyrics, but also the words that will make you tear up. Here are my favorite lyrics from "THE ALBUM”!

“Light Up The Sky”

“Look at you, now look at me. How you like that?”

“Karma come and get some”

“You should’ve ended me when you had the chance”

"Bring out the boss b*tch”

“Keep it fresh like roses”

“Diamonds on my wrist so he call me ice queen”

“Chillin’ like a villain”

“If we’re gonna talk about popularity, I won’t! My mouth will just hurt from talking.”

"We some b*tches you can’t manage”

“Pretty Savage“

“If you mad stay mad we not alike”

“Your jealousy is a problem”

“Grab my waist line but don’t ever waste me”

“Waiting for this agony”

“We are the lovesick girls, I’m nothing without this pain”

"We were born to be alone, but why we still looking for love?”

“A prince not even on my list”

“You pity me, but I pity you more for pitying me”

“Keep you close like slow dance”

“Got the venom to dead him”

“Know that I’m gonna find you, make sure you get left or you leave”

“Would clean my mess up but I rather mess it up”

“See me making waves and you don’t like that”

“Stressing over nothing baby relax, while you gettin’ angry Imma kick back”

“Negative days negative nights baby you’re wasting all your time”

“You ain’t worth my love if you only love to hate me”

“You wouldn't do it if it ain't foolish, stupid!”

“You’ll never know unless you walk in my shoes”

“It’s easier to judge me than to believe”

“Empty it all, so I can smile”

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