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If you're new and lost in the world of k-pop , this article may be for you!

K-pop or Korean pop is a popular genre of music originating in South Korea. They include all kinds of music like rock, jazz,EDM, R&B etc.  The most popular group from this industry is BTS , which i'm sure most of you have heard of. If the only thing holding you back is society and their rude comments , don't let it bother you. Haters gonna hate, shake it off! ( Taylor swift ). Music should be about what moves you, what fills you up like a warm cup of coffee, and very simply put - a warm hug

It can bring you out of a funk or decide your mood for the day.

If you still haven't found your song or you are always on the lookout for new and interesting music, you absolutely have to explore this genre!

K-pop fans are like a family, they have each other's back and support the hell out of their heroes. They are some of the most passionate people I have encountered. And you can't deny the songs have got some serious beats.


Here are some recommendations to get you started in the world of K-pop.


Their songs depict a story, are motivational as in Zero O Clock or Life goes on. Their music videos are flawless and the fans can't get enough of them. They really connect with their fans.

·         I Need U

("I Need U" is "an expressive dance track. The song serves as “the start of one’s young adulthood, in which beauty coexists with uncertainty, and focuses on the uncertain future more than the glamour of youth.”)

·         Spring Day 

(. The song is an alternative hip hop and pop rock power ballad. The lyrics revolve around the themes of loss, longing, grief, and moving on.)

·         Black swan

("Black Swan" has been described as an emo hip hop song .The lyrics are introspective and find BTS confessing, as artists, the fear of losing their passion for music.

·         Life Goes On

("Life Goes On" has been described as an alternative hip hop and synth-pop song underlaid with acoustic guitar. The lyrics of the song have been described as uplifting and seeking to provide hope to fans during the pandemic.)

·         Blue and Grey

("Blue & Grey" is a slow, melancholic, soft pop ballad.Lyrically, the song explores the themes of fear, depression, burn-out, and pandemic-induced loneliness)

·         Stay Gold

( Teen Vogue called it a "piano-pop number infused with enough cheer to make your cheeks burst...that picks up into a mid-tempo anthem of pure joy."Lyrically, "Stay Gold" conveys the message that "The world may not be full of good things, but please don't lose your luster")

·         Fake Love

("Fake Love" is an emo hip hop, grunge-rock,rap-rock, and electropop song. Lyrically, the song talks about love that was once believed to be destiny, but turned out fake at the end )

·         Zero’ o clock

( "00:00 (Zero O'Clock)" is a sincere soft-pop ballad performed by the vocalists and features soothing falsettos, vocal harmonies and a trap beat.Lyrically, it is about reminding everyone to stay happy no matter what they are going through and that everyday is a fresh start.)


·         Ko Ko Bop

(Produced by Styalz Fuego, "Ko Ko Bop" is described as an energetic reggae song with rhythmical reggae and bass guitar sounds."Ko Ko Bop" as a song that is about "not worrying about things", "going with the flow" and "not worrying about the haters".)

·         Monster

("Monster" is described as a "dark and intense" medium-tempo dance song with lyrics about a man's "excessive fixation on his lover".)

·         Obsession

(Obsession" is described as a hip-hop dance track featuring repeating spell-like vocal samples over a heavy beat, as well as an addictive R&B infused chorus.The lyrics convey a straightforward monologue of ones willingness to escape from the darkness of an awful obsession)

·         Trouble 

("Trouble" is a dance song that contains various genre elements like trap and reggae. The lyrics are about falling for one deeply and having no exit.)

·        Miracles in December

(It is a described as a "pop-ballad" song that uses the piano and strings in the arrangement.The song talks about a man who recalls with nostalgia the relationship with his former girlfriend and his desire to return to it, but cannot do so because of the shame and guilt)

.   Love Shot 

("Love Shot" is described as a pop dance track that features a memorably addictive chorus and heavy 808 bass. The lyrics that talk about hoping to be together and rediscover the meaning of true love, which seems to be disappearing more and more from a dreary world.)


  •     I Cant stop me

( "I Can't Stop Me" is a synthwave and disco-infused pop song with '80s-influences and rich instrumental sound exuding a retro style. Lyrically, "I Can't Stop Me" talks about the conflict and duality of the good and bad of uncontrollable desires.)

  •     Feel special

(The lyrics of the song, the lyrics are meant to inspire fans to realize that they are not alone and appreciate the precious people around them during difficult times.)

  • What is Love ?

(According to JYP Entertainment, the song is about "the love girls would dream about or imagine after learning about it through books, movies or dramas" and it has a bright melody and uptempo dance beat incorporating trap.)

  • . Yes or Yes

("Yes or Yes" was described as a bright and lively "color pop" song. Lyrically, it is about only being able to reply "yes" to a confession of love.)

  • More and More
  • Heart Shaker



Black Pink

  •  Kill this Love 

("Kill This Love" was the lead single of the band's 2019 EP. At the time of publication, the song's music video had one billion views—that's billion with a "b.")


(The song is described by Billboard as a "fierce hip-pop track overflowing with charisma" that "features a prominent trap beat".)

  • How You Like That

( "How You Like That" is a pop, trap, hip-hop infused. The song is about "not being daunted by dark situations and to not lose the confidence and strength to stand up again".)

  • Lovesick Girls

(The song has been described as a dance-pop and electropop song with an acoustic guitar and EDM sound.It’s a song that sends a hopeful message revolving around girls who are constantly hurt in relationships but again set out for a new love.)

  • As If It's Your Last
  •   Sour Candy 


  • AYA

(‘Aya’ leads with an entirely instrumental driven chorus and it works! The verses are majestic and filled with raps and vocals! It is a song about wanting to get rid of lingering feelings about parting even by pulling out rotten ones.)

  • Gogobebe

(The majority of the song focuses on the idea that you should throw away all of the superficial things that tie you down and make you fall into line with the rest of society, be yourself, and have fun while doing it. )

  • HIP

(The song is about "living a life where you don't care about how other people see you and it's a song about a life that's the most like you. Sincere 'hip' comes from the mindset of loving myself, so the song conveys the meaning of valuing yourself and living confidently rather than caring about what others think".)

  • Starry Night

(“Starry Night” has a vibe belonging to a music festival,.The lyrics are about the breakdown of a relationship — watching it fall apart, and yet not being able to do anything because the other person in the equation is not invested in fixing the problems. )

 Some other bands and  suggestions


  •     Don't wanna cry

  •     Ah! love

  • ·  My My

  •    247

  •   Clap

Big Bang

  •   Loser

  •   bang bang bang

  •  Fantastic Baby

  •  Last Dance


  •      View

  •    Replay

  •    Sherlock

  •    Everybody 

 Monsta X

  • Love Killa


  • Alligator

Solo artists :

·         Taemin :

  •  Criminal 

  •  Black rose

  •  Move

·         Hwasa :

  •    Twit 

  •  Maria

  •  LMM

·         Kang Daniel :

  •        Waves

  •        Who u are

  •         2U

·        Agust D 

  •  Daechwita 

  •  What do u think

  •  Agust D

  •  so far away


  •  Eight

  •  Palette



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 A huge shoutout to my friends for introducing me to these songs and giving me lots of insight into the world of K-pop. 

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