Awkward Situations In Exams






#1. When 85% of the exam is based on that ONE topic you decided to skip.

#2. Dealing with the extreme betrayal of your teacher, because nothing makes sense in the question paper.

#3. The mind games that MCQs and True or False questions entrap you in.

#4. The panic that settles in when you accidentally bring the TV remote instead of a calculator to an exam.

#5. That one friend who says they didn’t study anything, but you catch them asking for extra sheets.

#6. When the teacher decides to stand next to/behind you while casually reading your answers.

#7. Not knowing the meaning of a particular word, and so you decide to change the whole sentence while writing a composition/essay.

#8. Your brain refusing to co-operate with you during exams, and it decides to shuffle play all your favourite songs.

#9. Spending 90% of the time thinking, “What is this new devilry?!” or “Is this some kind of Elvish? I can’t read it!”

#10. Doubting yourself and then deciding to change the correct answer immediately.

#11. When everyone’s on Part 2 of the exam, but you’re still stuck on Question 2.

#12. Deciding to skip a tough question, but then seeing the next question being based on the one you skipped.

#13. Having that irrational fear of being stuck in a time warp during the exams.

#14. Being faster than a supersonic jet during the last 5 minutes of an exam.

#15. Thinking you’ve done well on the exam and going around telling everyone it was easy, but then have your hopes crushed by some unexpected results

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