Is Bigg Boss providing the Essential Entertainment for its Ratings??






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Bigg Boss is an entertainment show that is being telecasted on a private Television holding a certain number of people from various fields inside a luxurious house for a certain number of days mostly around 100 days. 

As we all know, a man’s actions speak much more than his words. That is extremely truthful and hardly seen in the Bigg Boss show. 

At the start of this show, we all had a thought that gathering of people from both genders and staying in a single home with all the utilities taken is western culture. But as the program progresses with various seasons in all the regional languages we are also used to get along with it increasing its Television Rating Program to a peak level without a doubt.

It is proved in this show that no one can stay good forever with everyone. And obviously, you cannot occupy only the good pages of your neighbor and contender. 

So, if you want to know the true color of a person, never miss this show. Even celebrities who have gotten good names in their respective industry failed to prove themselves as good human beings and individuals through this show. 

Likewise, people who are less known in their field got good names because of their attitude in this TV show. 

Some people still say that the show is completely scripted and people are acting accordingly. But to be very honest, no one will come to this show wanted to get their image damaged because of silly issues. 

Whatever it is, the real fact is people had hatred towards this show at the beginning and now they have started watching this show on time without fail.

If you are a fan of a celebrity and if the celebrity comes into the show you will watch him on screen daily. That is a fact of course. 

And Television Industry knows the pulse of the audience and undoubtedly that is the key to their success and achievement. Even for hosting this show only on weekends, they rely on a celebrity to get it rated than other programs of other channels.

Also, it is completely observed that the saddening part of the participants is brought in to screen to get sympathy from the audience. Of course, we all are sentimentally connected and for that reason itself, they are promoting all this stuff.

If you want to be friends with everyone, you cannot even find anyone to stay forever with you. That is a fact and you cannot judge anyone with their performances seen on the silver screen or small screen. Actors do act as per the script and this show brings in the real character of every single individual. 

No one can act for a long time and camera conscious every single time. If you want just entertainment and not much more than that, you watch this show and enjoy related memes on social media.


ntertainment for its Ratings??

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