How you are getting scammed on Facebook






Social media is becoming a craze among its users. Facebook is becoming another identity of that user.  Whether this identity is real or fake, it is dependent on that user’s intentions.

Yes, some people are made fools by such users on Facebook.  They fake you by their fake user profile for their personal/ professional intention.

Some Facebook users fool you just for fun, they make pranks. While other users are harmful who can harm your personal/professional reputation just for revenge or for any toxic reason.

So, let’s see how people are making fool on Facebook:

Polls are Scamming You

Some companies create polls on their Facebook Pages for marketing purposes. They will ask you to fill out surveys with your personal information such as Name, Addresses, phone number, and email id.  If you trap in their scam by filling out those surveys, you will make a bigger fool yourself! Either they will misuse your personal information to sell other companies or they can create a fake profile for yours for criminal activities. Some scammers create polls to  sell their fake products

Tag Me Not

Some companies ask you to tag your friends on their posts. Suppose, if you’re a buyer and online fan of a certain food brand’s products, it will ask you to tag someone on its posts on its Facebook page.  If you are doing this, its post will get views and comments from your tagged friends. Though your friends don’t follow that page, their views can help that post to get the required page views decided by that company. The popular brand Cadbury had used this trick.

Congrats, you’re A Winner!

Some consumer products companies hold contests and games so that their online fans can participate in them. They are using these gimmicks just to promote their products.

They are Making You April Fool

Some brands create fake products, apps, and features on Facebook on April Fool’s Day. They do such pranks and publicize them on their Facebook pages.  If you’re a fan of such companies, think twice before clicking on such pranks.

Strangers Are More Dangerous Creatures

It is a wise thing said by somebody - don’t trust strangers.  It is dangerous foolishness by you! Some unknown users make friend requests to you on Facebook, they will impress you by their goody- goody profiles, and if you accept their friendship, they get a passport to fool you. They will indulge you in sweet talks, some users will make you fall in love with them, and they will say “pretty” things on your private photos shared by you.  But if you try to block them, they will bully you, they will blackmail you by threatening to misuse your private photos. Some can demand monetary/ personal advances from you.  Remember, such cases led some Facebook users to commit suicide. So, don’t fall prey to such strangers’ friend requests!

Our Family Is a Happy Family Only On Facebook

See, many users upload photos of their so ‘happy and perfect’ family.  Such families are a ‘mess’ in their real family life. They always fight with each other, pull each other’s hair, and they are not happy in their lives. That’s why, they do show-off on Social media and share so-called happy, beautiful, and perfect family photos on Facebook. If your average looking girlfriend suddenly looks like as ‘dream girl’ in her Facebook profile photo, you will realize the magic of ‘filters’! Don’t become a fool on these ‘Oh so perfect’ things.

Are some unknown/ known people making fool on Facebook? Did this happen to you?  Our sympathy is with you and God bless you while you will on Facebook! 

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