Disney Plus Is Planning To Roll Out A New Party Watch Feature






Disney Plus Is Planning To Roll Out A New Party Watch Feature

Disney Plus is one of the biggest hubs where you can watch almost all the movies released under the Disney franchise. In the era of Disney Plus, the way of watching Disney movies and the show has got changed. Recently, Disney is testing an updated feature for Disney plus subscribers which allow creating a small private party watch. Disney Plus party is a fantastic way to socialize and view movies in a group.

Currently due to pandemic, however, it is next to impossible to create social gathering so it is a very good and safe idea to make this happen digitally. Finally, Disney also joined the group of online party watches and is not the first to create this private party option. Amazon already rolled out this feature to its subscribers and now Disney enlisted its name and helps its subscribers with the facility. Amazon allows up to hundreds of individuals to join the gang wherein Disney allows only up to six people.

From the past few months, people are stuck at home which increases the steaming and browsing of the different websites which allows people to connect with their friends and play and watch a movie on the same platform. Other third-party websites that provide this facility are like Netflix and Amazon Prime. An increase in streaming percentage apparently helps these digital hubs to provide a better chance to host their streaming right inside their app.

Features of Disney plus party watch

  • Easy to use: Unlike other web host channels we do not require any codes to start the mini theatre. It is very convenient to resume and enjoy. We need to just select a movie then there is a friend list whom we can send the request.
  • Enables Friend Chat: Chatting with friends is too simple here in the extended pop up while enjoying the movie sharing the same screen.
  • Cost: It allows you the chance to host four hours a week on Disney plus party for free of cost but nowhere nothing comes free of cost and thus the unlimited hosting costs you $3.49.

Disney plus party gives you the feeling of streaming when you are at your computer since it is not a media player that streams online. To enjoy the movie on TV, you can simply attach the TV plug-in computer. An extension is available on chrome which needs to be installed “Disney plus Party chrome extension”. Once the extension is installed then visit Disneyplus.com and log in to enjoy the favourite movie with your loved ones.

It’s really great to see the wonders happening around the streaming world thus making it easier to watch and join online movie parties with folks

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