Bollywood sues two media houses for derogatory remarks






Bollywood sues two media houses for derogatory remarks

Now is the time for the hunters to be hunted in India. Thirty-four producers which include most of the big names and four film bodies have filed a suit against two media houses. The civil lawsuit filed in the Delhi High Court is against the derogatory remarks of these two media houses for the past four months. They have been saying words like filth, druggies, and more against the billions of rupees worth Bollywood film industry. It not only provides millions of rupees as tax revenue to the government but also offers thousands and thousands of jobs to people all over India. 

Sushant Sing Rajput death and media frenzy:

Not all the media houses were asking for justice for Sushant Singh Rajput even after four months of his death on June 14. In the process of it, these two media houses, namely Republic TV and Times Now have only maligned the young actor's image by calling him a drug addict and being affected by mental issues. With multiple problems in the county in June when thousands of migrants were walking hundreds of kilometers back home due to lockdown, these media houses did not report their sufferings. It only took up the issue of Sushant's suicide which is now even confirmed by the elite AIIMS doctors panel. But still, these channels insist that he is murdered and wants to seek justice. Experts ensure that the issue is continuously raked up in the media for the following reasons

  • Sushant hailing from Bihar where assembly elections are due this month October
  • To cover up the burning issues of the sufferings of migrants, nose-diving of the GDP by nearly 24 % which is a historic low, 12 crores of jobs lost, failing economy, floods in Assam and Bihar causing loss of many lives and property worth in hundreds of crores among others
  • To settle scores with many popular actors to call them for investigating by multiple agencies like NCB, CBI, ED, Income Tax, and others only based on Whatsapp messages
  • Color the entire Bollywood industry which has many great talented creators and actors as druggies to be soon get arrested

 There are many more such opinions by experts for the Sushant Singh death to flared up by these two media houses. And now they are on the receiving end.

The four-film bodies and 34 big Bollywood producers sue two media houses

The following are the four-film bodies to sue the two media houses.

  • The Producers Guild of India
  • The Cine & TV Artiste Association
  • The Film and TV Producers Council
  • Screenwriters Association

Among the 34 producers are the big names like Aamir Khan, Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Karan Johar. Ajay Devgan, Reliance Big entertainment among others. 

Their contention is the four TV anchors of these two media houses should withdraw the most derogatory remarks and should refrain them from using it in the future.

The hunters get hunted:

Except for Rhea Chakraborty, the live-in partner of Sushant, no one else got arrested for drug charges leveled against Bollywood by these two channels. She also got bail now and is also to sue those who falsely implicated her in the said two TV channels. But one of the media house Republic TV is currently being investigated for false TRP rankings by the Mumbai police. Their CEO was questioned last week, and today two of their top officials are called for an investigation. Also, their editor is now summoned by the police regarding many false reports in Maharashtra. Supreme Court has also condemned the media trials without any proper evidence to crucify many personalities to damage their reputation.  

Will this TV drama stop at least not to fool people anymore is the big question now.

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